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5 seconds of Summer! Luke is a party boy in this story and he can't refuse a good date!Read to find out what happens...


1. A kid again

Songs for this chapter-

Miss Jackson - Panic at the Disco

She Looks so Perfect - Five Seconds of Summer

Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

These are just random songs I could think of!😜

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Leaves crunch under my boots as I run down the pavement.Rain dances down my cheeks,my blonde hair falling out of shape at the wetness.

I slow my pace and pull out my phone,1:32 am.My feet ache,my head hurts,but I continue to pace myself down the street.

I pull up the text history and try to click on the contact under my shaking finger.

But before I click on her photo, I fall off the sidewalk dropping my phone on the street and scraping my knee.

"Ahh!"I quietly scream,cradling my knee.I suck up my breath and grab my phone.I can't stop now.

The houses around me are bright,lamps on most window sills.I wish I could be in one of those right now,but sadly,I have to return home after a long night of partying.I stayed a little longer than I anticipated though and here I am,racing time.

I slowly creak open the door,trying not to wake anyone who might be sleeping.I sigh out of relief and close the door behind me,flip up the light switch.

When I turn around I'm being interrogated.By my mother.Her arms were crossed over her chest.Her bathrobe was dangling just a little bit over the ground.She was wearing a tight,brown polka dot shirt underneath it and fluffy,brown pajama pants to go with.

"Where were you?,"She starts."Who were you with?Why didn't you answer your phone when I called?Why didn't you pick up milk like I told you too?Were you partying,I told you to stop partying."She rambles.She stops to get off her chair and come to sniff me."- And why do you smell like alcohol?"

I stiffen.Alcohol?She could still smell it on me?But I used mouthwash!

"I uh -But I uh I-"I had lost more confidence than I had gained and I was all partied out.

"That's what I thought!You will be in so much trouble when your dad get back from his trip!"She angrily shook her fists at me."So much trouble!"She repeated."Up to bed!Now!"

I scramble up the stairs,close my door,and tear my clothes of my body before throwing on pajamas and jumping into bed.I close my eyes tight and try to sleep before my mom comes in here and beats the crap out of me.So here I am,Luke Hemmings,acting like a kid again.


So this is just a filler chapter because I really wanted to start a 5SOS story and I needed it now!The main character is Luke,if you didn't notice that his face is bolded on the cover photo.So I hope you like it and comment because I don't get many of those.

Anyway bye babes!

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