Heartbreak girl💔


3. the love starts💘

When I got to the mall luke was crowed with girls wanting autographs. Once we fought our way inside we went to eat pizza and then for desert we had Oreo fluff (yummy)! After shopping at Rue 21 Luke took me to a dressing room and kissed me. " Luke, I have a boyfriend." I said pulling away. "I'm so sorry.... I didn't..kn-" he said looking away "it's alright, I should have told you."

After we kissed things got awkward so we left the mall.

I am in love with Luke Hemmings so why am I dating a guy who says things to me like 'ugly hoe' and 'stupid bitch' it's like I can't break up with josh! I don't know what to do! Of course when I got to my grandmas place there was josh awaiting to ask me more and more questions. " hey! Why haven't you been answering my calls!" He yelled "I was busy I said I'm sorry!" I shouted back " don't raise your voice at me!" He grabbed my hair and kissed me. I have to tell Luke! So I did and he lied I know he did he said everything will get better trust me.

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