Heartbreak girl💔


1. the dumb sister😒

My sister Casey is totally obsessed with 5 seconds of summer,

She spent all of her "emergency money" on a huge poster of Calum Hood face! And I got in trouble for her stupid mistake😒 of course I love their music but I don't really care for them. "Lexi!"shouts Casey, I frantically grab my iPod and put the earbuds in my ears. "Lexi.....OMG LEXI!" I blare the music as she barges in my room. "WHAT!" I yell "where's my homework?"she said with a smirk on her face. "Well maybe you shouldn't rely on people to do stuff." I said slamming the door in her face. Omg she's like 17 you think she wouldn't be such a drama queen but she is and it's so stressing!

I grad my iPod and earbuds and walk to the park only to find 4 teenagers messing around with spray paint, they look familiar but I didn't get close enough to the building. When they left I went over to the building it said '5sos😈' and then it said 'call me 641-777-0966'

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