Heartbreak girl💔


2. No way😱

When I got home my parents were fighting over money so I went to my room and texted that number that was on the building and he replied "call me" so I did and when he answered I knew it was Luke Hemmings, we stopped talking when my mom barged in my room balling telling me to pack my stuff because we were leaving to my grandmas."mom why are we leaving." I say rubbing my eyes. When I get to my grandmas I grab a Tootise Roll out of the candy bowl and start to unpack my bags. I look around the room and I saw a picture of my dad and mom kissing on there wedding day, this automatically made me cry. My phone went off it was luke he was calling me. We talked even longer maybe even till 10:00a.m I told him what happened and we talked about his parents and life. We decided to meet up since he was in Florida. " mom can I meet up with a friend at the mall?" I said "yes, you can borrow the car... Okay Hun" she said flipping the pancakes "Thank you so much!" I said wrapping myself around her.

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