Winter Love

Layla is your average girl from Ireland. She's quiet and shy, except when it comes to her favorite band and her favorite member. When the holidays come around, she runs into him. The boy of her dreams: one of her winter wishes.


7. Snow Days

After we ate, we all rode over to Mullingar Park and started throwing snowballs. Layla threw and snowball and hit me on the shoulder. "Get her!" I yelled and all 3 of us boys ran after. Then Will and James tackled each other while I still chased Layla. I caught up to her and grabbed her spinned her around and we fell into the snow. "Niall, stop tickling me!" She shouted and we laughed. I finally let her go and we're face to face on the ground. "Where have you been all of my life?" I asked her and she smiled.


"In a whole different galaxy." Layla said and our eyes locked. "I think.....I'm in love with you." She finally said. "I dont think, I know that I am in love with you." I said and the next thing I knew, we were kissing. Her soft smooth lips on mine. "It's only been a week and I've already kissed you." I said and her face blushed. "Okay 'friends', let's go get some hot chocolate." Will said. "We can head back to my place." I told them and we all nodded.


I handed everyone their hot drinks when we got home. I saw Layla sitting by the window, sipping her drink. I walked over and wrapped a blanket around her. "It's such a beautiful day, Niall." She said as snow fell to the ground. "Agreed." I said and I heard something from my parent's room. "Mum, is that you?" I asked for the whole house to hear. "Yeah, I just knocked over some wrapping paper rolls." She came into the entertainment room and saw Layla.


"Hello, Layla!" My mum said and she turned around to smile at mum. "Hello, Maura. How are you today?" Layla asked. Great now that you're here! Would you like to come Christmas shopping with me today? You dont have to go if you dont want to." Mum said and Layla smiled even bigger and looked at me. "I would be honored to go shopping with you." Layla got up and finished her drink. Both of them put on their jackets and both kissed me goodbye.

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