Winter Love

Layla is your average girl from Ireland. She's quiet and shy, except when it comes to her favorite band and her favorite member. When the holidays come around, she runs into him. The boy of her dreams: one of her winter wishes.


6. Old Times

I posted a tweet and started to drive around in Mullingar. I drove around all the places that I hanged out around before the X-Factor. I stopped the car next to the old football field that I played on. I watched some high schoolers playing around and then I got out of the car and walked over to them. "Niall?" One of them asked and I realised it was my old friend, James. "James, how are ya lad?" I asked him and patted his back. "Great! How have you?" He asked and I grinned. "Honestly, couldnt be better." I said and James smiled at me.


"This is William, my cousin from Dublin." James said. "Hi, I've heard so many great things about you. I like your music too. Oh, you can call me Will if you want also." William said and we shook hands. "Great to meet you, Will." I said and I looked to James. "Let's play football!" He yelled and started running. We played for about an hour until we got hungry. "Wanna come grab lunch with us, Niall?" Will asked and I bounced the ball on my knees.


"Sure." I said and James looked at me. "Nandos?" He asked. "Sure. Let me see if Layla is working today. She works there, and if she's not doing her shift, she can eat with us." I said heading back to my car. "Oh, who is this Layla?" James asked as he got in the passenger seat and Will got in the back. "Umm....", I tried to find the right words to use, "A great girl I have met recently- a friend." I finished and he grinned.


"Yeah...okay, lad." James said and I laughed. We pulled up to Nandos and went inside. "Hey Ni." Layla said as she hanged up her apron on the rack. "Hey, wanna join me and my lads for lunch?" I asked her and she looked up and her eyes met mine. "Sure!" All four of us sat down in a booth. "Look, it's starting to snow outside!" Will said excitedly. "I'm James. You must be Layla. I am one of Niall's old friends." He said and Layla looked at him. "Nice to meet you." She said. Watching her smile is like watching the sun come out from hiding behind clouds.

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