Winter Love

Layla is your average girl from Ireland. She's quiet and shy, except when it comes to her favorite band and her favorite member. When the holidays come around, she runs into him. The boy of her dreams: one of her winter wishes.


12. Happy New Year


Niall ended up taking me to New York City with him and the boys. One Direction performed and I was their biggest fan there. "Good luck, love." I told him and kissed his cheek. "See you before next year!" He said and ran on stage. Ryan Seacrest was standing on stage with the boys. "Im here with the band, One Direction." Ryan said and he turned to the boys and they said their names. "Zayn Malik", "Harry Styles", "Liam Payne", "Louis Tomlinson", "Niall Horan".


"Thank you for coming to perform at Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve. Good luck, boys!" Ryan said and ran off stage. "Going out tonight, changes into something red.." Zayn started singing. Night Changes is one of my personal favorite songs on Four. Niall's solo came next and he looked straight at me. "Movin to fast, moon is lighting up her skin." I laughed and he smiled while he kept singing.


After their performance, we waited about 15 minutes and then we counted down to the new year. "Who are you going to kiss tonight?" Louis asked me. "Lou, come on now!" I crossed my arms and he laughed. "I know the answer. A stranger, duh!" He said and I slapped his arm playfully. I've had a few days to get to know these boys personally.


"10..9...8.." The crowd started to count to down. "See you next year." Niall told me. "Just kiss me." I told him. "3..2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone in Time Square yelled. Niall pulled me close to him and confetti fell down. His lips pressed against mine felt magical. "You are my winter love, Layla." He said and I had tears almost streaming down my face. "I will never forget the first time I fell in love with you." I said and we kissed. He was mine and I was his winter love that was going to stick around longer than just the winter time.

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