Winter Love

Layla is your average girl from Ireland. She's quiet and shy, except when it comes to her favorite band and her favorite member. When the holidays come around, she runs into him. The boy of her dreams: one of her winter wishes.


11. Girlfriend

~Niall Horan~

Near the end of the concert, the boys stopped talking and looked at me. "Niall, you brought a friend tonight?" Zayn asked. Fans were quiet and looking around at each other. "Yes I did, Zayn." I told him and some girls in the front started going crazy. "Would you like to bring her out here, Niall?" Louis asked and I nodded. "Alright." I ran to the side of the stage and held out my hand for Layla to grab. She hesitated to grab my hand but finally decided to go with it.


"Oh my gosh, Im so scared!" Layla said. I held her hand and pulled her to the center of the stage. "I'm right here." I squeezed her hand. "This is Layla, everyone. She is my girlfriend." I said and she looked straight up at me and smiled and blushed. "Say hello into the Irish microphone." I told her and she leaned in. "Hello, Im Layla and I have always been a huge Directioner. You are probably wondering where I had first met Niall. Well we ran into each other on the sidewalk." Layla said and the fans laughed.


"Niall and Layla sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g." Harry sang and I protected Layla. "Whoa whoa whoa, mate!" I told him. "You want to go, bro?" Harry asked me and I nodded and we were face to face. The fans started yelling all sorts of stuff. We did little kid fighting with our hands. After a minute we hugged to make up for 'fighting'. "He's mine Harry." Layla said and everyone was laughing.


"We better get back to being silly and singing." Liam said. "Okay, okay, Daddy Direction." Louis said like a little kid. "Got to love these boys." Layla said into the flag microphone and handed it to me. "Bye Layla!" The boys and fans said to her and she waved as she walked off stage. "Layla, which song should we sing next?" Zayn asked her and she yelled to us. "Act My Age!" She responded. Yeah, that girl is my girlfriend!






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