Winter Love

Layla is your average girl from Ireland. She's quiet and shy, except when it comes to her favorite band and her favorite member. When the holidays come around, she runs into him. The boy of her dreams: one of her winter wishes.


2. Again

I got to work and clocked in. I went to the door and flipped the closed sign to open. I went to the back and put the apron around my waist and I heard the door open. "Hello. 5 people?" I said and the lady nodded. I took them to a table and handed them the menus. "May I get you some drinks?" I asked and everyone wanted water. I went to the back and my friend, Delanie, arrived. "We got some orders to fill, John." I said. John is our amazing cook and Delanie is my other waitress. The door opened and I saw the blonde Irish boy that I ran into earlier.


"Hey Delanie, can you take over my table and I'll get this sir over here." I said pointing to Niall and she smiled. I tightened my poinytail before walking over to him. "May I get you something to drink?" I asked him and he looked up and was a little suprised. "Well, if it isn't Layla." Niall smiled and I blushed. "Okay, Horan." I said and he slid a paper across the table of the bar. "What's this?" I asked and he nudged his head to the paper. "Look at it." He said.


I opened it and there said, "Would you like to hang out with me sometime?" I dont know what he is up to, but it is making me fall for him. "Sure." I said. Niall seems to grin a lot. "I'll take a pint please." He said and I turned around to get his drink. "You know you go to pubs for those, right?" I said turning around to face him again. "Yeah, but you're not there." I blushed and gave him some water instead.


"I'll go with you to the pub later if you want. I get off in 2 hours- 7:30pm." I said and he looked up from his salad. "You want to go to the pub with me?" He asked. "Sure, I dont see why we cant hang out and watch some football." I said and he laughed. "Football and pubs in Ireland? I like you already." Niall said as I wiped the seat space next to him. "Good because I've liked you for the past 4 years." I said and he stared at me for a minute without saying anything.

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