The Alpha. The beginning. So many questions, so little answers.
Also, thanks you @cspenser for an awesome cover!! :)


7. the treehouse

I tackle the woman to the ground. She's in tears. I only hope that maybe I'll be able to kill her slowly, and painfully, so I can get revenge for what she did to my brother. 

"Please don't kill me!! Please!!"

she says. 

"Give me a reason I shouldn't."

I say. 

My knees are on her elbows, I'm sitting on her chest, by hands, holding my knife, are inches away from my her neck. 

Evan lets out a groan of pain. 

"Stay here."

I say, shooting a look of danger at her. 

Evan's shirt is ripped, and he has a big gap, running across the middle of his chest. 


says the girl, handing me a bandage. 

I wrap it around his chest, trying not to touch the cut. 

I curl up my jacket, and rest his head on it. Otherwise, I don't know what to do. There's no way I can stop the pain, and no way I can stop the bleeding, and I both applied pressure, and I tried to use something to absorb the blood. 

"Elavate his chest. It helps the bleeding."

She says. 

I adjust the placement of the jacket, and his chest and neck are elevated above the rest of his body. 

"Your life is dependent on weather he survives or not."

I say, pointing at Evan. 

"He'll survive."

She says. 

"The cut wasn't deep enough, and not close enough to his heart."

She says. 

"We'll see."

I say. 

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