The Alpha. The beginning. So many questions, so little answers.
Also, thanks you @cspenser for an awesome cover!! :)


15. Rowan

That night, I can't sleep. I both regret what I said to Ocean, and wish that I had just walked away. I want to talk to Evan, but instead, of my mouth filling with words, my eyes fill with tears. I don't want to think it, but I do anyways, and all I can do is let silent tears fall from my eyes. I close them to convince Evan that they're not there, but his arms are there to comfort me through the long sleepless night. 

I hope one day the fact that we're actually not related will come in handy, but I can't think of a way it will. 

In the middle of the night I hear someone move. I think of it to be Ocean getting ice for Nolan, and try to sleep. 

The next morning, I get up to see that Ocean has stolen my letter. She's most likely read it, and knows. I'm almost positive of it. 

I get up to look at where she's standing. She's pale.

"Wait I can explain!"

she says

"You don't have to."

I say. 


she says throwing her body over Nolan.

"What are you doing?"

I ask.

"Don't kill him!!"

she says.

"I'm not going to kill Nolan."

I say. She slowly backs away from him, keeping her gaze on me, but I never intended to kill him. I'm not about to kill an ally, 

"Just, don't tell anybody."

I say. 

"Who's Rowan?"

she asks.

"Our older sister"

I say.

"No, your older sister. Not Evans."

She says.

"Just because he's not related, doesn't mean he's not my brother."

I say. I wish I could cry right now, but I don't. I don't like to talk to Rowan. Especially with Ocean. Since Ocean reminds me so much of Rowan. 

"Why did you not want to tell me."

she asked. 

"I'm not sure if you or Aiden would think differently of us."

"One last thing."

she says.

"Why did you never talk about Rowan?"

she asks.

"I never talked about her because."

I want to say the real reason, but I consider lying. 

"Because you remind me so much of her. I didn't want to think of her with you, because, it would just bring back different memories of her that I don't want to remember."

I say, as a tear runs down my cheek. I feel someone come from behind me, and comfort me. I know it's Evan. I don't even guess, but I look up to see someone I don't expect. I could never mistake his blue eyes, and surprising resemblance to his sister. Aiden is there to make sure that I'm okay. I wish he hadn't herd. I would normally push him away, but I instead embrace his hug, knowing that Evan won't be there. Luckily, our hug breaks before Evan wakes up. I hope Evan never finds out. 

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