The Alpha. The beginning. So many questions, so little answers.
Also, thanks you @cspenser for an awesome cover!! :)


9. nice try, cupcake

The next day, Evan insists to get up. I would make him lye down, but he's now gained his usual strength, and is stronger than I am. 

I need to think of a way to tell him of everything that's happened, without shocking him in a way that will frighten him, but as I try to think of different ways, the more bizarre they get, and when I try to think back to the first one, I can't remember it. 

I try to think of just one thing, before Evan's up and asking me questions.

"So, what happened when I was out?"

He asks, 

"And more importantly, why was I out?"

"It's a complicated story. Let's go."

I say, heading for the door of the tree house, pulling Evan with me. 

"Where are we going?"

he asks.

"I just need to talk to you alone."

I say, now climbing down the ladder. 

Once we are alone, he asks, 

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just, a long story."

I say. 

"It starts when we walk into the tree house. You open the chest, she stabs you."

"Yeah, I king of remember that."

he says sarcastically. 

"After you fell asleep, all I tell her is that her life depended on weather you lived."

I said. 

"Well your feeling generous."

he says sarcastically, again. 

I roll my eyes. 

"We go to sleep that night, and wake up. I was starting to sharpen my knife, almost sure you wouldn't survive, when I can hear footsteps from outside. I out of instinct, I see who it is, and throw my knife. The girl is up by now, and now I feel like a jerk."

I say.

"Why? You've killed many people before, I'm surprised you didn't kill her, honestly."

he says. 

"The boy I threw my knife at was her brother. You could say we're even, but we have to decide. We can run away now, or we can go back, and form an alliance if you will."

I say. 

"Your choice, I couldn't care less."

I add on. Although I couldn't care less, I also don't want to make the decision.

"I think, we should go back."

he says. 


I say, and we start slowly walking back to the tree house.

We are walking back, when I hear a tree branch give away. 


I hear Evan shout. 

I take his advice and run as fast as I can towards the house, but I hear rocks as they fall on the cold, hard dirt. 

"I finally caught something."

says a nasty voice. 

I jump out from behind the tree silently, but his red eyes are staring at me. I can tell he hasn't eaten for days, but his stature says otherwise. 

Evan is under a large net, and is struggling to get out. 

I see him mouth, 'help' and immediately try to get the guy with my knife. I wish I was wise enough to throw it first. But, as usual, I don't think to. 

I run towards him, knife at hand, and try to claw away at his chest, but his hand stops me, as his fist hits my stomach, and knocks me down. I scream, hoping Ocean will hear me. 

"Nice try, cupcake."

he says, in his scratchy voice. 

I think to shoot my knife at his foot, slowing him down, but I think again because I will most like lose the knife that way.

I let out a large grunt, hoping it will catch him off guard, and dive for his leg, and cling to it. 

The man laughs, not knowing I have a knife hidden in my pocket. 

"What do you think you are doing? This is stupid."

he says, as he walks away, trying to get me off of his leg, but I cling to his leg, knocking him down, and I land on his chest. I instinctively drive my knife through his chest. His last words are simply, 

"Your pretty good cupcake."

and he closes his eyes, and lyes motionless on the ground. I look at him, and only hope that Evan isn't doing the same. 

Luckily, Evan was fine. 

"Wow, aren't we just lucky to run into trouble."

he says, as I pick the rocks up, and throw the rocks into the woods. I grab his hand, and help him up. 

"Yep. We always dig ourselves a big hole, that we somehow luckily manage to get out of."

he says, I laugh, and we walk back home. 

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