The Alpha. The beginning. So many questions, so little answers.
Also, thanks you @cspenser for an awesome cover!! :)


14. Mom, Dad, and Rowan.

"Evan and I are going to get food. We'll be back as soon as I can. Not sure if we'll find a lot, since a bunch of  stuff is frozen over. We may be gone long though."

I say.

"No, Evan went last night, you go with Aiden."

says Ocean.

"No, I can go Ocean, don't sweat it."

says Evan, and we quickly leave. 

We run to the house, so that we can be quicker. This may take longer than just finding food normally does, so we have to be fast.

When we find the ruins of our house, we see nothing left, except for my small dresser that somehow survived. I suspect nothing is in there, and that even if there was, that somebody had already tried to steal it. 

I open the dresser drawers, while Evan looks around the forest. 

The first two drawers are empty. I open the bottom drawer, knowing that nothing will be in it, most likely. 

I open the drawer. It contains a worn down envelope. I look on the back, and it says, 

'To Rowan, Evan and Amnesia'

I think to faint, but stop myself before I can. 


I say. He runs over. 

"I found it."

He looks at the envelope. My insides tie into a knot, I'm not sure I can untie. 

"Should we read it?"

he asks. 

"I think we're safe."

I say. 

"I'm the only person I know who's name is Amnesia. The Envelope has a slightly worn piece of paper. The letters are in my fathers handwriting. Luckily he went to school, and learned to write. I learned roughly how to read and write. I can, but not easily. 

"Dead Rowan, Evan, and Amnesia"

the letter says

"You have grown up in the dark age. People are being killed left and right, especially now. Hopefully your mother and I are still alive. Hopefully if we aren't, all three of you are. If not either, I hope that the ones who are still alive are okay. But, there is a confession we have to make. We had Rowan at a young age, not wanting another one. We only technically had two. Rowan has most likely figured this out by now, if she is still alive."

I gulp, as tears flood my eyes. I want to stop reading the letter, but, I force myself to read on.

"Evan is adopted. He was the child of a good friend we knew. I'm sorry if this is going to make your lives more difficult, but we wanted to tell you the truth. We wrote these letters in case we never got to say it to you ourselves. Hopefully we will be able to throw this letter away at one point in time, but just in case, we made this so you two would be able to see. 


Mom and Dad"

I see clouds of black flood my vision, but I let the light overpower it. I feel the tears fall onto the ground. Evan hasn't read this far yet, but I lean on his side, and he turns pail, knowing it must be bad. I bury myself into his shoulder, and cry. I feel his arm around my side, and he looks down at me. 

"It's fine Amnesia. Don't cry."

I wish I could stop crying right now. I'm sad because of the fact that Mom and Dad almost knew the future. Only two of us are left. Rowan is dead. I hate the thought. I don't want to think of it, but I do think about it. And I also think about how Mom and Dad wrote this. I want to cry more. I look up at Evan. His eyes are filled with tears too. 

"Should we tell them."

I ask.


he says. 

"We can act. We still look alike. We can do it, I guess."

he says. I want to stay here forever, and cry. I can tell that Evan does too, but I stand up on my own, put the letter in my pocket, and walk away. It's hard to see so many memories destroyed. To see so many innocent people killed, and done with. I don't know how to to react to this besides tears. 

"Does this mean, we aren't brother and sister?"

I ask.

"of course not."

I want to believe him, but his voice shakes. 

"It just means that I was adopted. Mom and Dad were still my parents. You are still my sister. Who cares? This has no impact on our life. We just need to move on from this."

he says. We are silent for the rest of the walk home. 

As we stand at the entrance, he gives me one last hug. 

"hey it's going to be okay."

he says, as I cry silently into his shoulder, so they won't hear us. 

I wipe away the tears and climb up the shaky ladder into the tree house. The tree house is silent as I walk in, and put some berries on the small table. 

"We found something."

I say. 

"Why did you take so long?"

asks Ocean, as Evan stands up, and walks over.

"Everything's frozen over, it's hard to find anything."

he says.

"Hows Nolan?"

he asks

"He's managing."

says Ocean, looking into his eyes. Getting lost for a second, and then looking back at us. I know she can tell we weren't getting food.

"Where were you?"

she asks.

"We were getting food. Not too far from here."

I reply, making sure that nobody notices the note, but I fail.

"What's that?"

she asks


I say. Her skin turns pale 

"Let me see it."

she says.

"No. I'd rather rip it in half."

I say. Before I know it, she's on top of me, and trying to get the note, locking her hands around my neck. Evan pulls her up, and she falls to the ground. 

"I need to see the note!"

she says.

"No chance."

says Evan, giving her a look of danger. 

"Give it to me."

Now, Aiden is standing next to her. 

"Why do you want to see it?"

I ask. She doesn't answer until she's on top of me, but I easily push her off, expecting that she'd do that. She now has a large cut across her eye.

"I'm stronger than you. Never forget it."

I say, pulling my knife from my pocket, and hold it so she'll see. She backs up quickly. 

"You can't do that!! We're allies now!!"

She says. 

"I won't do it to you."

I say. she sighs of relief.

"But if this ever happens again, you can expect him to be dead within the next ten minutes."

I say, pointing to Nolan. Aiden is lying on the ground and has fainted. 

"Can you just tell me what it said?"

she asks.

"You playing with fire."

I say. 

"And if you get any closer, you'll burn."

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