The Alpha. The beginning. So many questions, so little answers.
Also, thanks you @cspenser for an awesome cover!! :)


13. Evan's dream

Nolan was opposite of Aiden and Ocean in looks. He was tall, unlike how Aiden was shorter. He also had short, thick black hair, and dark skin, but he and Evan have the same eyes. You can easily get lost in them. 

I can see Ocean adores Nolan. She went after him for many reasons, I can tell. Once he had drifted to sleep,  Ocean offered to stay up all night, and make sure he was okay. In the middle of the night, when I was awake, but still not awake to get up, I herd them talking to each other. 

"I thought you'd be gone by now."

says Nolan.

"I'm not leaving"

says Ocean

he slowly dozes off into sleep again, but as I open my eyes, I both realize that it's still pitch black out, and that Ocean had fallen asleep on the table next to him, and I doze off as well.

the next day, I wake up and she is still sleeping. 


I say, and Ocean wakes up with a jolt.


she asks drowsily. 

"I can watch him for a little bit if you want to get some sleep."

she wants to argue, but I don't let her, and she is asleep before I can even sit does. Ocean sleeps for very little time, hoping she can be there when Nolan wakes up. 

Nolan wakes up about an hour later, just after everyone else wakes up.

Evan wakes up early, while I'm sitting making sure Nolan's okay, and am making sure he has ice as often as he needs it. 


he says waking up and walking over to me.

"Whatcha doing? Ocean wouldn't let even Aiden watch Nolan for a couple hours, and now your watching him?"

he asks

"She needed to sleep, I needed to be awake."

I say. 

"I wanted to do something today."

he says. 

"What is it?"

I ask.

"I wanted to go home again."

he says. 

"What do you mean. Technically we are home."

I say.

"No, when we lived alone together. One night Mom and dad said that there was something they were going to give me the next day, but couldn't. I hadn't looked for it at all. I don't know if it's still there, but Dad came to me in a dream last night saying I had to go."

he says.

"We can look, but I don't want to get trapped. We should take Nolan with us. I don't entirely trust him with a girl who is not very strong, and a guy who barely has any strength."

I say.

"How will we bring him?"

he asks. 

"We can say we're going to get food, and anyways, I already know Aiden has gained his full strength. His cut is almost gone now."

Evan says. 

"Okay, I trust you."

I say.

"We'll leave once everybody wakes up. Say we're getting food and water. Say that they should stay with Nolan in case something happens. It's going to have to work."

I say. 

No later have I said that, than has everyone gotten up, and we are about to leave. 

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