The Alpha. The beginning. So many questions, so little answers.
Also, thanks you @cspenser for an awesome cover!! :)


8. Aiden

That night, I couldn't sleep, because I was worrying about Evan. I slept for about an hour, which I felt guilty for doing. I would have tried to find ice, or snow to put on it, but it's not far enough in the winter yet. 

When I wake up, there is someone climbing up the ladder. The girl is still asleep. So, I see who it is. I wait for them to come up, and then I throw the knife at them, but  it hits his leg, instead of his chest, and he's left on the ground bleeding. The girl wakes up, and looks down to see what I've been doing. 


She yells down, looking at the man, who now lies on the ground, knocked out. 

The girl jumps out of the tree house, and flies to save the man, lying on the ground. 

The more I look at his face, the more I see how they look alike. 

I now realize what I just did to the two of them, and know two things. I cannot kill this girl, and she might kill me. 

I immediately try to find the leftover bandage that she gave to Evan, and jump out of the tree house, so that I can help her get him up. 

I  put one of his arms around my shoulder, and the girl does the same thing. She holds him for a second, as I go to the ladder, and I hold him until she can get around me, and do the same. We somehow manage to get Aiden up the ladder and lye him down on the ground. 

The cut is slightly above his thigh. It doesn't seem as lethal as Evan's. 

She quickly bandages his leg, and I use a small pile of leaves to elevate his leg. 

Once he is settled and lying on the ground, I check on Evan. 

His cut is luckily starting to heal, and stopped bleeding. I take the bandage off, and put it back in the chest. 

"I guess we're even now."

says the girl. 

"I'm didn't know who he was."

I say, trying to find the best reply, but fail. 

" I wouldn't have done it if I knew who he was."

I say. 

"What's your name?"

Asks the girl. I just now realize that I don't know hers, and she doesn't know mine. 


I say. 

"Amnesia? Do you know why?"

Asks the girl, who I can almost tell is trying to find a way to tell me my name is unusual. 

"Because, I was born on the day of the meteor. My parents wanted to wake up, hoping that it was all a dream, but that's a dream they never woke up from."

I say.

"What about you?"

I ask. 

"My name is Ocean."

She says. 

"That's a pretty name."

I say. 


She replies. 

"Who's your brother?"

I ask, trying to avoid awkward silence. 

"Aiden. He's 2 years younger than I am."

She says. 

"Evan's 2 years older than I am."

I say, but as I say that, Evan coughs, and wakes up. 


He asks. 

"I'm right here."

I say

"What happened?"

he asks. 

"Nothing you need to worry about now."

I say. 

"You feeling better?"

I ask, trying to avoid telling him what really happened. 


He says, sitting up. 

"Where are we?"

He asks.

"In a tree house. But don't worry, I've got everything covered/"

I say 

"You can go back to sleep, you need it."

I say. 

"I'm not tired."

He says, now trying to get up, but groaning from the pain in his chest. 

"Evan, don't wor"

I say, but don't have time to finish, before he says, 

"I'm your older brother, it's my job to worry about you."

He says. 

"Not when your hurt, so just lye back down, and"

"No! I can do things. I'm feeling fine."

He says, but is failing in both convincing me, and trying to stand,.

"Lye down. Just try to get some rest."

I push softly on his chest, and he falls back onto the floor. 

"You hungry?"

I ask, reaching for some black berries I picked yesterday. 

"No, I don't need to eat."

He says, trying harder and harder to stand up. 

"Who are they?"

He asks, backing away from Ocean and Aiden. 

"Nobody you need to worry about. Just relax Evan. Everything's fine."

I say.

He gives me a final look of doubt, before I walk over to where he is now sitting, and lift him by his shoulders, and lye him down on the ground, and he is asleep in seconds. 

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