The Alpha. The beginning. So many questions, so little answers.
Also, thanks you @cspenser for an awesome cover!! :)


4. a wave

It struck when we got home. 

I was walking through our door, when we herd a wave crash on the shoreline of the ocean near by. It sounded like a large wave. Then, all of the sudden, a cold salty wave tripped Evan, and he fell into the dark water. 

I run. As fast as I can. My heart is racing for more reasons than one. 

I try to beat the water, but it's catching up with me. 

I feel needle sharp pain run through my side, and my collar bone. I don't care. I do all I can. I grasp my necklace, my sister's name carved into the blue rock. 

I feel the tears running down my cheek, unless the ocean water has already caught up with me. 

I hear something come from the water. It sounds like Amnesia. My name. I stop abruptly, remembering that Evan can't swim. 

I let the water catch up with me. I lye back, and float on the top, as I try to get to where Evan is. 

Struggling to swimming against the current, I shout out,


and try to find him. 

I see him, and try to swim as fast as I can to him. 

I pull him up as fast as I can, struggling because of his height and weight compared to mine. 

I try to swim to the shore, but am overwhelmed by the forces of the water, and it almost takes both Evan and I to the bottom. 

I do everything I possibly can to get to the top, and to survive, but I fail, and struggle. 

The wave finally finds an end, and runs out of water, and it drops Evan and I abruptly on the hard ground, in the middle of the forest, leaving trees and plants flattened, or at a loss of branches. 

I lye Evan down on the ground on his back. I listen for a heart beat. It's there. I calm down, but am still week, and tired. 

It only takes seconds for me to slip into blackness, and hope that I wake up.

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