Gone {Liam Payne}

Dustie Ainslie is Liam Payne's girlfriend. One day Dustie was walking home and got a strange feeling that she was feeling followed. She decided to call Liam. When Liam picked up on the first ring he noticed your nervousness. When she told him her felling someone grabbed her and tied her wrists together. She screamed and Liam was in panic. Dustie dropped the phone. someone threw her in a black van. Liam was still on the line frozen in shock. Two years later Dustie is still missing. Liam will never give up hope on finding her.


6. Six

Liam's P.O.V

                               Dustie has been gone 491 days. I've gotten 91 clues to find Dustie. None of them make sense. I've heard her voice 69 times. She didn't sound scared at all. I've told Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn. They are helping me find her. 

"Hey Liam, you got a letter from Randy." Harry said handing me a letter. It was more like a package.

                  I opened it up and it had Dustie's lucky bracelet in it. I grabbed a folded piece of paper and unfolded it. It said "Dear Liam, I hope you love Dustie as much as she loves you. You have 312 more days to find Dustie. If you don't find her in that time she is going on my catalog. I hope you find her before she gets sold. She even said that I was a Fucking Ass. Also she said she wants me to burn in the debts of hell. Plus if it makes you feel better  she gave me a black eye. But, she did get punished. She got a dagger in her left forearm. I did send you a catalog if you want to look at what will happen to Dustie if you cant find her." He wrote. I grabbed the catalog and opened it. It had pictures of girls. He was going to sell Dustie as a slave!

               I looked in the package and saw a small piece of paper. "To Liam, From Dustie. Liam He is keeping me in a dungeon. He lives in a tree. But if you look carefully at the tree you can see a keypad. The code is 190198. It will let you in. Go to the kitchen and find a remote in the cupboard next to the microwave. Type in 36698. It will open a door in the pantry. It will lead you to the dungeon. I'm in cell 07. The password is 910. the woods I'm in is the woods we went camping in when I turned 19. Love You, Dustie."

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