Gone {Liam Payne}

Dustie Ainslie is Liam Payne's girlfriend. One day Dustie was walking home and got a strange feeling that she was feeling followed. She decided to call Liam. When Liam picked up on the first ring he noticed your nervousness. When she told him her felling someone grabbed her and tied her wrists together. She screamed and Liam was in panic. Dustie dropped the phone. someone threw her in a black van. Liam was still on the line frozen in shock. Two years later Dustie is still missing. Liam will never give up hope on finding her.


7. Seven

Liam's P.O.V

                   Me and the boys went out to the woods to look for Dustie. We decided to split up. Zayn,Harry, and Niall went together. Me and Louis went together. I was looking at a tree when something on the ground caught my eye. I picked it up and it was Dustie's earring. We must be close. "Louis, I think we're close. Look." I said showing him the earring. I looked at a really tall tree. I found it!  I typed in 190198. The door opened. I told Louis to text the rest of the boys. They showed up four minutes later. We walked in very quietly and found the kitchen. I went to the cupboard next to the microwave. I typed in 36698. I opened the cupboard and the remote wasn't there. I started looking through the kitchen Louis and Harry looked in the living room. And Zayn and Niall went into bedrooms. "I found it!" Zayn yelled running into the kitchen. He handed me a remote that said "Dungeon" on it. I typed in 36698 and the pantry door opened. I went in the pantry and opened a door on the floor. The boys and I went in and found the dungeon. I went to cell 07 and saw Dustie sleeping.

          I typed in 910 and the cell opened.

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