Gone {Liam Payne}

Dustie Ainslie is Liam Payne's girlfriend. One day Dustie was walking home and got a strange feeling that she was feeling followed. She decided to call Liam. When Liam picked up on the first ring he noticed your nervousness. When she told him her felling someone grabbed her and tied her wrists together. She screamed and Liam was in panic. Dustie dropped the phone. someone threw her in a black van. Liam was still on the line frozen in shock. Two years later Dustie is still missing. Liam will never give up hope on finding her.


4. Four

Randy's P.O.V

             I felt kind of bad to see Dustie so scared. I've known her sense I was little. She got hit in the face with a metal baseball bat. She didn't even cry, but she did beat the crap out of that kid. Our school was having a real lock-down drill and the guy had a gun. She saved the principal's life. But Dustie got shot four times. She didn't even pass out or cry. When she was eleven she got her lip pierced. She hit someone in the back of the head with frying pan. She got so drunk she forgot how to breath. She became a competitive swimmer so she can swim fast and hold her breath along time because she was once attacked by a shark. She got a tattoo on her side at age thirteen.

My phone started to ring. I picked it up and answered it.

"Hey Randy, I got the guns you wanted. I also got more chloroform." Garret my roommate said.

"Good, I need to run to the store soon. I was wondering if you could watch Dustie?" I asked sitting on the couch. 

"Yeah, sure I'm Turning into the driveway now." He said.

He ended the call and about one minute later he walked in the door. 

"I'll be back in about four hours" I said leaving.


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