Gone {Liam Payne}

Dustie Ainslie is Liam Payne's girlfriend. One day Dustie was walking home and got a strange feeling that she was feeling followed. She decided to call Liam. When Liam picked up on the first ring he noticed your nervousness. When she told him her felling someone grabbed her and tied her wrists together. She screamed and Liam was in panic. Dustie dropped the phone. someone threw her in a black van. Liam was still on the line frozen in shock. Two years later Dustie is still missing. Liam will never give up hope on finding her.


5. Five

Garret's P.O.V

I walked the T.V and turned it on. A football game came on. I walked to the basement that we turned into a dungeon. I walked to the cell Randy put Dustie in. She was sleeping. She looked so peaceful. She has lots of  tattoos on her left arm. She had four on her right arm, and a few on her side showing because of her crop top. One tattoo that caught my eye on her side said "She Believed She Could So She Did."

I saw her eyes start to flutter. She was about to wake up. She looked at me and she didn't look that scared. I was expecting she would scream.

"I like your tattoos." I said awkwardly. 

"Thanks" She said just above a whisper. 

She started to play with her shoelaces. It looked like she was in a completely different world. She took of one of her bracelets and started taking it apart. It looked like it had letters on it. It looked like it was the alphabet. She started stacking the letters on a stool. She took of most of her bracelets and started dropping them around the stack of beads.

"Why didn't you take of that one?" I asked pointing at the one on her wrist. 

"Because, I've had it on since I was three. I made a wish on it when I put it on. When it falls off my wish will come true." She said taking out the lace of her shoe. 


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