Gone {Liam Payne}

Dustie Ainslie is Liam Payne's girlfriend. One day Dustie was walking home and got a strange feeling that she was feeling followed. She decided to call Liam. When Liam picked up on the first ring he noticed your nervousness. When she told him her felling someone grabbed her and tied her wrists together. She screamed and Liam was in panic. Dustie dropped the phone. someone threw her in a black van. Liam was still on the line frozen in shock. Two years later Dustie is still missing. Liam will never give up hope on finding her.


8. Eight

Liam's P.O.V

         The cell door opened and I just stood there stunned that I had just found her. I just stood there unable to handle what I have just done. I found the one thing that makes me happy. She looked different somehow, but I couldn't put my finger on it. 

"Why is her hair shorter?" Louis titled his head like a confused dog. That is what was different. I walked into the cell breathing deeply in and out. I was scared to touch her, what if she turns to dust. I'm just imagining to many things. I inched closer to her more scared then I've ever been in my life. I was centimeters away from her when I heard a giant thump.

"What was that?" Zayn said looking up the steps.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Louis said,

"Shut up you two," I said and walked out of the cell. I listened carefully to see if someone or something was up there. 

"Dumb-ass chair!" I heard someone yell. It doesn't sound like Randy from high school. This guy's voice was low and almost Bosnian. He started making tons of noise, and Dustie never made a sound. I walked into Dustie's cell and tapped her shoulder. She didn't  move or swat at it like she always did. I started to shake her and she was just limp. What happened?

"Where the hell is the remote for the dungeon!" He yelled and started to stomp, and throw a tantrum like a five year old who wanted some candy. 

"Where did you put the remote after I gave it to you Harry?" I asked trying hear his answer over the stomping. 

"I put it on the counter by the sink." 

"FOUND IT!" The guy yelled. What are we going to do? I pushed all the boys into a closet and shut the door.

"I never thought we would end up this close of friends." Niall joked and made Harry chuckle. Zayn smacked both of them.

"You still haven't woken up?" He said while I peeked through a hole in the door.

"I didn't think Randy could have hit you that hard to make you land in a coma," He said and sat down in a chair.

Dustie's in a coma, ran through my head hundreds of times.

Shes in a coma.

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