Tips and Tricks To Be a Girl

It's a crazy world out there for us girls! So I decided to make this so all of our lives can be a little easier. I also might throw a DIY or two in here. Girls Rule!


3. Sports

I currently play three sports: basketball, volleyball, and I twirl a baton. It has taken up a large part of my life but I do enjoy it for the most part. I do have really good days but then I may have the worst day of my entire life. If you couldn't tell by the sports I play I am tall meaning a lot of things:

1) I am seen as very valuable player because I am one of few tall girls in my school and people expect a lot from me.

2) I may never find a date in high school because all the boys are shorter than me!

3) And I can never find pants that can fit me because they're too small! Then don't even get me started when I have to be fitted for uniforms or other clothes like warm up suits because the school never orders tall sizes.

4) The only question I am asked at every Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. is "What's in season now?" Then when I answer the question they stop talking to me because apparently all I do is eat, sleep, and play a sport. To tell the truth it gets annoying after a few years.

Oh the struggles of a teenaged girl who is six feet tall. It isn't all that bad because they're a lot of advantages to being tall. You can always reach the top shelf and people always mistake you for being older than you really are.

Back to sports: It is a lot of fun representing your school, teachers, and fellow students at a game. I may not look my best doing so but who cares? Everyone else is sweaty like me. I get to show off my skills in front of my friends and family leaving me full of pride! At least when I don't mess up I feel really good. But a lot rides on the line when you play a sport.

Your health is always being monitored. When you work out in a hot gym for three hours you start to feel a little off. When you play 2-3 games a week some parts of your body get weak. I have twisted my ankles so many times I have to wear a brace constantly. I have pulled many muscles and have gotten many bloody noses. I can tell you that some girls get really competitive when it comes to sports.

I don't know about you but I think my pride is constantly on the line. I've had my fair share of embarrassments as well but I shake it off as best I can. My mom is like a super soccer mom and she loves to yell at me when I'm on the court. I've been called "sunshine" all the way to "loser" and each one is equally embarrassing. Then with the invention of cell phones videos can be shared very quickly. At our end-of-the-year basketball banquet the parents like to put together a slide show of our pictures. But there was a special picture of me in reindeer antlers from Christmas followed by a video of me falling on my face during a game. I was not a happy camper on the drive home.

Then with sports I learned a lot about life:

1) Always carry tampons or a pad because someone will have their period and they somehow forgot their pads.

2) There are people in life that won't like you at all but you have to put up with it sometimes.

3) When the coach says we're having a slow practice, just some light stuff that means if you somehow manage to survive the night you should be on a show with Bear Grylls.

4) You have to know how to manage your time between school work, sports, and sometimes work. Master the skill now so you have it later in life.

5) Girls can be horrible and rotten if they feel like it.

Always being on time and ready is a good skill to perfect but the real skill is being able to survive all the bullying and hate that some girls can bring into your life. What I learned is that girls are nice in front of the coach but the second they turn around they have something to say to each other.

There was a girl on the volleyball team that was a little slow in the head to put it nicely and everyone would cheer her on the court but they would say the meanest things about her online or behind her back and when I tried to defend her I was labeled her best friend and whenever we had to partner up I was always put with her. I was friends with her already but I hated that the mean girls just got away with it all! The coach even agreed with them one day my friend wasn't there!

Then with volleyball if you weren't skinny enough to fit the little piece of cloth they call shorts of the incredibly tight long-sleeved shirt, you were a target. Thankfully I am a normal weight and healthy but I wasn't skinny enough and was always looked at. Those uniforms are stupid. I could barley move in them and my butt was always hanging out because they didn't get bigger sizes.

Basketball was a little better with the uniforms because they didn't require anything but the comfortable shorts, shoes, and shirts they gave you. But the drama was heavier than one of Shakespeare's plays.

The girls coached each other which led to verbal and physical fights. This led to many group talks with the coaches leading us nowhere. Not until the fighting got serious and with other schools did the coach threaten to end the season and the girls started acting normal.

But that did not last long.

One girl got into a fist fight with her dad. One broke down in tears claiming she was taking medicine for depression (which was a lie). One girl quit because she couldn't take the name calling anymore. And trust me there was much more.

We had a Muslim girl on the team and just imagine generic white girls seeing a colored person for the first time. They looked at her like that every practice and game and they treated her even worse. They made fun of a disabled girl who wanted to practice with us. I've been pushed around a few times, it never bothered me that much. But what did bother me was that the three coaches we had none of them did anything to stop it.

I guess the moral of my story is that sports are great but only when you play with the right people.

Girls have to be careful when it comes to stuff like sports. They have to keep the image that they are superstars at their sport constantly, they can't slip up. Sometimes you have to fight off gay rumors which is pathetic. Then you have to worry about the girls you're playing with. If I were a coach nothing like this would happen.

But it shouldn't happen anyways.

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