Tips and Tricks To Be a Girl

It's a crazy world out there for us girls! So I decided to make this so all of our lives can be a little easier. I also might throw a DIY or two in here. Girls Rule!


2. How to Deal With Your Period

A sensitive subject but an important one!

Every girl will get it or they already have it (unless under some other circumstances). And you all know how big a pain in the butt it is! It is an emotional and kind of scary ride that will test your body, mind, and especially patience. You'll get cramps, headaches, and you'll be super moody. Trust me, I have been through it all!

But it doesn't have to be such a big deal. If you handle it the right way, your period can feel like nothing!

What Is It?

I think that everyone who is reading this knows the basic of what happens to your body, but for those who don't here's an explanation:

"Period" is short for menstrual cycle and is entirely natural and healthy cycle. Your period is a time each month when a fluid containing blood flows out of the uterus through the vagina (basically). The amount of blood is small (4-6 tablespoons). The cycle can last around two to eight days. And the time in between the cycles can last 25 to about 40 days.

 I know this sounds really gross, but your body is preparing to have a baby someday. My mom (and a book I bought at a garage sale) describes it like your body is preparing a nest so a baby can grow. But the nest has walls that are lined with blood. And the lining has to shed because there is no baby.

And if you don't want a baby, you have to deal with it!

So now you know the basic basics of what your period is. If you have any questions, don't be scared to ask your mom, aunt, or even teacher (if you feel comfortable enough). But a doctor, when you get a chance, is a great person to ask! They know a lot and they don't feel uncomfortable about the subject! Hey, you can even ask me! But I'm a very last resort!!

How To Conquer It!

Let's get down to business, to defeat the pads!!!!

-Admit it you sang it!

Anyways! You pretty much have two options to protect yourself from an accident: pads or tampons.

Pads are rectangular absorbent material that you stick to the inside of your underwear (make sure you wear clean underwear everyday!). They catch the blood when it comes out of your vagina. I recommend buying ones with wings, they prevent the pad from falling out and catch any loose blood. These are your best friends during your period!

Never buy the scented ones because they can irritate your area. I made that mistake and it was pretty painful! When you're younger or starting/expecting your period it's better to use a lighter pad. When you get a few days in or are older, use pads that are meant for heavier flow. And make sure you change it every three to four hours! It helps prevent odor and sexual diseases when you're older.

And when you have to change, place  the old pad in the new pad's wrapper and throw it away in the trash. Never down the toilet! When in a public restroom use the little trashcan inside the stall.

Tampons are different. They work from inside the vagina instead of outside. It is a small cylinder also made of absorbent material. I recommend buying ones with an applicator because it makes life a lot easier when you have to put it in.

I say only wear a tampon when you have to swim or play a sport. But in my opinion when I have to play basketball, I wear a pad but I also wear spandex. One time I wore a pad without wings and it came flying out my shorts, now I wear spandex! And tampons will save your pool party or beach day!

Again, do not buy scented or fancy tampons. They make life worse! Only wear a tampon for a few hours and then replace it with a new one. Put it in the new wrapper and place it in the trash can.

And if any of you get my reference, you can hide your tampon up your sleeve and whip it out like a hidden blade. It's a great way to hide it!

The Effects

Now if you think that having to choose between pads and tampons is hard, it's going to get worse.

Before and during your period you get abdominal cramps! Yay!!! And from that you get headaches.  You crave food, especially chocolate (not like anyone can complain about chocolate). And best of all, your period throws off your poop schedule!

For cramps and the headaches you can use ibuprofen or hot water bottles. And don't take yourself to the extreme! When you take a bath don't go too hot and don't push yourself at work or school. But a workout will relieve cramps contrary to belief. So don't be a couch potato!

I don't have to explain chocolate or food!

But your period will either make you constipated or leave on the toilet for hours at a time. I'm no doctor (even though  I want to be one) but your period affects your intestines and messes with your poop! So much fun!

Many of you don't know that I play basketball and volleyball and I twirl (the girl who throws a stick in the air at a parade). So it doesn't help that my period makes me moody, I forget a lot, and I can't hold anything in my hands for more than two seconds! My mom nearly broke her neck because she had a huge headache. Then again my mom is the biggest klutz ever!


Your period sucks, but it is necessary! And if you feel alone, just remember that you're not! Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

Just remember you're a girl and you are awesome!!!

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