Falling For The Bad Boy...

17 year old Tori Mason is going through some hard times in her life, first it was her parents getting divorced, and now moving to Australia with her dad. Will she develop fellings for the school bad boy Luke Hemmings? Will some people and things come back and haunt her? Read to find out!!!!��✌️��
(first story I'll try)


10. Waiting

It's been two hours since I've seen Tori and I'm starting to worry. I called Maddy and Tori's dad, and they said they'll be here ASAP. About 30 mins later a doctor came out, the same doctor that took Tori in the room. "Hello I am dr. Tamsee and who are you?"he asked. "I'm Luke Hemmings, can I see Tori now?" I said in a kind of mean way, but I didn't mean to I just wanted to see Tori. "We'll I have some good and bad news." He said. "Ok please tell me?" "Tori is in a coma BUT should wake up shortly." "Thank you so much dr." I say cheerfully. "Your welcome, and you may see Tori now if you would like." I get up out of my seat and head to her room.

Once I got into the room I saw her. She was hooked up to machines and wires were connected to her body. I slowly walk towards her and sit on the chair next to the bed. I grab her hand and was about to talk when her dad and Maddy walk through the doors. I quickly let go of her hand and get up to introduce myself to Tori's dad. "Hello mr. Mason I'm Luke, Tori's friend." I say confidently. "Hi Luke, you can call me Adam." He said in a firm voice. "Okay Adam." After a few mins of awkward silence Maddy pulls me over and asked me what happened, and I told her the whole story.

After a couple more hours I still haven't eaten or drank, and Maddy and Adam had left. I was sitting in the corner of the hospital room on a chair staring at her limp body. I was about to get up to go get a drink, when I heard a faint voice from behind me. "Luke?" I flip around and see Tori with her eyes slightly open looking at me. I run over to her and grab her hand, "yes Tori?" I say quietly. "Lay with me?" She asked. I was shocked cuz I thought she hated me, but why not? I walk on the other side of the bed and she gives me room to lay down. I climb in and she moves closer to me putting her head on my chest, then rap my arms around her waist. At that moment I felt like a million butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach. A couple mins later I felt my eyes getting heavy, and fell into a deep sleep.

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