Falling For The Bad Boy...

17 year old Tori Mason is going through some hard times in her life, first it was her parents getting divorced, and now moving to Australia with her dad. Will she develop fellings for the school bad boy Luke Hemmings? Will some people and things come back and haunt her? Read to find out!!!!��✌️��
(first story I'll try)


7. Rainy day

I didn't know if it was a good idea to go to school today, but what could possibly happen? It was raining and lightning out but my dad wasn't home and Maddy wasn't answering my calls, so I had to walk. I know, great luck right? I was walking to school getting soaked and having my hair poof up 'yay'. When I was walking a red Mustang pulled up next to me, I looked over and saw Luke. "What do you want," I muttered. "Do you want a ride?" "I'd rather get struck by lightening." I growl. As soon as I said that I heard a loud cracking noise from behind. I turned around and screamed slipping and falling on the ground. The last thing I heard was Luke yelling my name, then everything went black.

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