Falling For The Bad Boy...

17 year old Tori Mason is going through some hard times in her life, first it was her parents getting divorced, and now moving to Australia with her dad. Will she develop fellings for the school bad boy Luke Hemmings? Will some people and things come back and haunt her? Read to find out!!!!��✌️��
(first story I'll try)


3. First Day Of School

At school

I was at my locker kicking and hitting it because it wouldn't open. I was already late for class and if course now it's my fucking locker. A girl walked up to me, she had long brown wavy hair with green eyes. "I'm Maddy what's your name?" She asked. "I-I'm Tori" I shuttered. "We'll hi Tori I saw you needed help with your locker, what's your combination?"she asked. "Oh um it's 23-35-27"(sorry if this is your combination) I replied. Within like 6 seconds she got it open. "Thank you so much!!!"I exclaimed, "Welcome" she said. We started walking our separate ways until she turned around and ran up me. "Oh ya I forgot to ask, do you wanna sit with is at lunch?" " Ya sure!!" I said. "Okay cool see ya at lunch Tori!"She yelled.

At class

I walked into class and everyone was staring at me. The teacher stopped what she was saying and introduced me to the class, "Okay class today we have a new student joining us, this is Tori Woods." I was looking down at the floor the whole time. I sat in the seat all the way in the back of the classroom a tall blond guy with a lip ring and deep blue eyes twisted around in his seat and smirked at me. I just ignored him like everyone else around me and put my earbuds in. I turned on the radio and a song came on called Amnesia by a band called 5sos or something and just stared at the clock the whole time.

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