Falling For The Bad Boy...

17 year old Tori Mason is going through some hard times in her life, first it was her parents getting divorced, and now moving to Australia with her dad. Will she develop fellings for the school bad boy Luke Hemmings? Will some people and things come back and haunt her? Read to find out!!!!��✌️��
(first story I'll try)


1. Day After The Move

*After the move*

Tori's POV:

"Tori get down here, it's your first day you don't want to be late!" My father called

"I'll be down in a minute," for the first day of school I picked out a nirvana tank and black skinny jeans with the knees cut out. I looked in the mirror to put black eye liner on. I'm short and thin with long brown hair and brown eyes. I went downstairs and realized it was already 6:50 and I gotta be at school by 7:00. "I'm soooooo screwed," I muttered under my breath. I ran out the door managing to throw on my black and gray convers. My father rushed in the car and we were off to school.

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