Pokemon- guide to over 640 Pokemon

Azelf to Zekrom...
Bulbusar to Yanama...
Cascoon to Xatu...
Even Pikachu and over 100 more!
Pikacu = pikapika :3


15. Arbok


Cobra Pokemon


Arbok uses the pattern on its belly to intimidate foes, and then constricts them while they are frozen with fear.


Pronounced: ARE-bock


Possible moves: Ice fang, Thunder fang, Fire fang, Wrap, Leer, Poison sting, Bite, Glare, Screech, Acid, Crunch, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit up, Acid spray, Mud bomb, Gastro acid, Haze, Coil, Gunk shot


Type: Poison


Height: 11' 06" (3.5 m)


Region: Kanto


Weight: 143.3 lbs (64.9 kg)



Evolves from Ekans.

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