Pokemon- guide to over 640 Pokemon

Azelf to Zekrom...
Bulbusar to Yanama...
Cascoon to Xatu...
Even Pikachu and over 100 more!
Pikacu = pikapika :3


6. Aggron


Iron armor pokemon


Aggron digs tunnels by using its steel horns to burrow through bedrock, to seek iron for food.


Pronounced: AGG-ron


Possible moves: Tackle, Harden, Mud-slap, Headbutt, Metal claw, Iron defense, Roar, Take down, Iron head, Protect, Metal sound, Iron tail, Autotomize, Heavy slam, Double-edge, Metal burst


Type: Steel-rock


Height: 6 ' 11" (2.1 m)


Region: Hoenn


Weight: 793.7 lbs (360.0 kg)



Evolves from Lairon.

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