Pokemon- guide to over 640 Pokemon

Azelf to Zekrom...
Bulbusar to Yanama...
Cascoon to Xatu...
Even Pikachu and over 100 more!
Pikacu = pikapika :3


1. Abomasnow


Forest Tree Pokemon


Known as the Ice Monster, Abomasnow can create blizzards across wide areas in the mountains.


Pronounced: uh-BOM-a-snow


Possible Moves: Ice Punch, Powder Snow, Leer, Razor Leaf, Icy wind, Grass Whistle, Swagger, Mist, Ice Shard, Ingrain, Wood Hammer, Blizzard, Sheer Cold.


Type: Grass-Ice


Height: 7' 03" (2.2 m)


Region: Sinnoh


Weight: 298.7 lbs (135.5 kg)



Evolves from Snover.

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