The Road To Love

The Road To Love is about all the struggles Niall and Emma have to face just to be with each other and how they got it to work. It is also about when they got their relationship to work the struggles they went through during the relationship.


2. Character's

Emma Collins(main character): Works at mom and aunts bakery. Plays soccer and is very quiet. Lives with mom and dad. (Secretly likes to sing)

Kelsey(Kels) O'Brian: One of Emma's closest friends. Works at Mrs. Collins and Aunt May's bakery. A dancer and very sociable. Lives with sister Rose in Rose's apartment.

Megan(Meg) McCurdy: One of Emma's closest friends. Plays basketball and is very sociable. Works at Outback. Lives with mom and dad.

Josh Richards: Emma's closest guy friend. Usually hangs out with the three girls. Plays soccer. Works at Outback. Lives with mom and dad.

Aunt May: Works at her bakery she owns with her sister. Lives with her son Ethan. Lost husband a two years ago.

One Direction: On North American tour

Niall Horan: Single

Harry Styles: Single

Louis Tomlinson: Dating Eleanor Calder

Zayn Malik: Dating Perrie Edwards

Liam Payne: Dating Sophia Smith

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