The Road To Love

The Road To Love is about all the struggles Niall and Emma have to face just to be with each other and how they got it to work. It is also about when they got their relationship to work the struggles they went through during the relationship.


3. Chapter 1


Beep beep beep beep

"Ugh, shut up already!" When I went to slap my alarm clock to snooze it I didn't hit my alarm clock I hit something else. "Ow! What was that for?!" When I opened my eyes I found my best friend Kelsey staring back at me. Kelsey was really pretty and sometimes I wonder how we became best friends because we are so different in so many ways. She is a dancer and I play soccer. She is very sociable and I'm quiet.

"Hello? Were you even listening to what I said?! Ugh Emma get up! Megan is going to be here any minute with Josh!! Get up!!" Why was she even here it's a Friday we have school she never comes to my house before school.

"Kels, what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? Oh Emma, please tell me you didn't forget!" At this I shot up I had to get ready today was the day we had to bake tons and tons of cupcakes! My mom and aunt own a bakery downtown, Kelsey and I just happen to get a job there.I wore skinny jeans and my pink hoodie. I didn't really feel like doing much makeup so I just added some coverup, threw my hair up into a ponytail and was ready.

"So I was thinking maybe after we finish baking the cupcakes we could go to the mall! Oh, and Megan and Josh can come too! Oh my gosh! We could get Starbucks and then..."

"Kels, do you ever shut up?"

"Someone's cranky."

"Let's get going before I decide to crawl back in bed."

When we got downstairs Megan and Josh were already at my house waiting for us.

"Why are you guys so slow?" annoyance in Megan's voice.

"Well maybe if someone would have remembered that we had to go to work today we wouldn't have to wait." Kels exclaimed. When I looked up from my tea I saw all eyes on me.

"Alright enough dilly dallying, time to go. Everyone get in Megan's car."

"I swear Kelsey's a drill sergeant." I mumbled to Josh.

"Yeah I agree. You look beautiful today." Josh whispered to me. Thanks was all I was able to say. Where did that come from? Did Josh like me? No, Emma stop freaking out, he's your best friend he wouldn't do that to you.

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