Am I Alone?

No description, but please just give me a shot.


3. Chapter 3

         Aquamarines P.O.V
         While at the mall I used dad's credit card to buy me some more sweat shirts , pants, shirts, bathing suites, and other stuff        After shopping I had about 20 bags max. I got  All for school tomorrow, I hope they like me. I put everything away in their rightful  closet and put my headphones in. I turn the volume all the way up listening to 'I Need A Doctor' by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem and Skylar Grey and listen to Pandora until  fall asleep.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       I wake up the next morning to the sun shining through my room . "New school here I come." I get up out of bed and walk to the bathroom. After I finish showering and washing my hair I put on my  outfit  for the day. I decide that I'll dial down my fashionistaness just for today. I unwrap my hair from the towel and comb it out. Once I get all of the naps out I curl it and put a bow in it.  I put my earrings in and apply some perfume and head downstairs with my purse. 

       I notice my mom watching TV  in her pajama's. 'Aren't you driving me to school?' I ask her. "Well good morning to you to sweetheart." She says with a smile "Good morning mom. Now are you taking me to school?" I reply. I see her reach on the coffee table and hand me a brand new pair of keys. O SNAP "What are these for?" I ask her even though I have a small idea. "You father and I have been talking and we think it's best that you have your own car by now. So, there you go Your own car to transport you any where you need to go. Which right now is school if you don't want to be late." She says while flipping through channels. "Well then, I'll see you after school." I say while slowly walking to the door. "Have  good day, and you look wonderful as always." She says wiggling her eyebrows. I walk out of the door and I swear you could feel the vibration of my jaw hitting the ground. I walk outside and I'm met with the most amazing car of all time. "Thank you mom." I say to myself

       After following the directions given to my from the GPS system. I pull up into the parking lot of Hermoin 
High school. Apparently I'm just a tad bit late because I had to wait in Tim Horton's long drive through. I park Alexia-my car- in the closest spot near the front door. Sexy name for a sexy car. I smooth out my dress. I press the lock button on Alexia. "Goodbye Aquamarine." A woman's voice says from my car. "I will never give you up Alexia.' I wipe a fake tear from my eye.

       I walk through the doors and walk into the first door I see that says 'Main Office'. "Hello dear, how may I help you." Says a kind old lady from behind the desk. I take off my glasses and walk up to the desk with a big smile. "Yes my name is Aquamarine Saunters today is my first day." She goes through her computer and prints off a paper guessing it's my schedule. "I have you right here sweetheart. This is your schedule and this is a late pass. Look for the classroom numbers above the doors and you will be fine." She says with one of those heart warming grandma smiles."Thank you so much." I exit the office and search for room #108 which is World History. I walk all  the way down the hall.




       Here we go. I reapply my NYC Butter lipstick and knock on the door.Here I go "Just a moment class." A man say from the other side of the door. The door opens and reveals a middle aged man. " And who do we ave here?" He asks me. I got a feeling this will be my favorite teacher. I hand him my late pass "My name is Aquamarine Saunters and I'm a new student." I shine him a bright smile. 'Well Ms. Saunters why don't you come in and introduce yourself to the class."  It's now or never. I walk into the classroom and everyone's eyes suddenly drop on me.  Great! "Class we have a new student and she is going to tell us a little bit about herself. Then you can all tell her four things about yourselves." The teachers says encouraging me to start. " Oh okay. My name is Aquamarine Saunters. I am 17 years old. I love to do gymnastics and I used to be a competitive swimmer." I saw with a boost of confidence that will soon be gone.

       "Well you are an interesting person Ms. Saunters. Now the class will reveal a little about themselves to you. Starting with aahhh Kaila."  Kaila. Kaila. Why does that name sound so familiar. I look up and I see the girl from the ship. The girl with the long dark hair. The girl stands up and starts to talk. "My name is Kaila Lawry. I'm 17 years old, I'm captain of our cheer squad and co- captain on our Gymnastics team. You should try out." She says and then takes her seat. The same goes with everyone else around the classroom until it's all over. The teacher seated me next to a quiet girl.

Once the bell rings I put all my stuff away and take out my schedule and see  what I have next.  PE!! I didn't even bring any clothes. "You can borrow one of my outfits." I look up and see Kaila standing next to me. "We met at the beach remember?" She hold her hand out for me to shake. "Yeah I remember." I shake her hand. "Come on we can walk together. I have gym also." I grab my bags and we make our way to the gym room which is huge. "Come on, coach's office is over here. She'll be happy to know that we have another gymnast on out team."  on the team? "You are going to try out aren't you?" She gives me the most irresistible eyes I ever seen. "Of course." I say as we walk into a cozy little office. "Coach this Aqua she's a new student and a gymnast." Kaila says to the woman sitting at the desk. " That's great sweetheart follow Kaila and she will get you all set up for gym." She says with a big smile.   "I swear it's like all of our staff member take happy pills or something." I hear Kaila mumble as we leave the office. 

       We walk into what I'm guessing is the supply closet. "Mason is your chosen isn't he?"  There she goes, out of the blue. I knew this was coming. "Yes." I say barely audible "Do you want me to kick his butt for you?" I laugh at her question. "Haha no. It's okay he can chose who he wants to be with." She hands me a pair of blue clothes for me and a pair of pink clothes for herself.  She puts on her clothes on behind a stack off boxes. "Thanks." I say while hiding behind another stack and putting on the clothes she let me borrow. Once we finish getting dressed she puts our clothes in two separate bags so that they don't get mixed up ( Don't ask me why they are changing behind boxes, because honestly I don't know myself).

       "Okay ladies and gentleman we have a new student, Aquamarine please come and introduce yourself."  oh not this again.  I stand up and make my way next to coach. "Hi my name is Aquamarine Saunters. I am 17 years old. I love to do gymnastics and competitive swimming. "Does anyone have any questions for Aquamarine?" I see a couple people raise their hand. "Jason." The coach picks on a really a boy with dark cut hair and a caramel skin color.  sexy "So Aquamarine, are you single?" I hear a few boys snicker and girls tell him to stop being stupid. I feel my face growing red. "Yes she is and she's happily enjoying it." I hear Kaila speak up for me. "Man, Kaila you just want her to yourself." Jason says with a smirk " Aww Jassey-pooh are we still mad because I wanted your brother instead of you." Kaila says in a baby tone. I hear Jason mumble that sound a lot like ' Cock Blocker'.

Okay then that will be all for the questions thanks to Jason and since his vocabulary is out of this roof he just earned you all laps until the end of the period get to jogging." The coach walks back to her office. I excitedly waited for Kaila to stop throwing her choice words to Jason so that we could get to running. Which if one of my most favorite things.  Just one. "Hey Aqua wait up." Kaila tries catching up with me after I left her. "Hey." I stop to put my hair in a messy bun. "Hey umm. you know Mason goes to this school right?"  Sweet mother of Aphrodite. "O he does. that's cool I guess." I say shakily. 

       By the end of the hour everyone had already taken their showers and was walking out the doors. Kaila left early, saying something about handing Jason his balls on a platter "Hey Aqua, wait up!" I turn around to see one of the girls from my gym class. "Hey um, Stacy right?" I ask her. "Yeah that's me. What do you have next hour?" I open my schedule to see that I have math next. "Uh math." Her face suddenly lights up. "Great me to, we can walk together." She says excitedly. 

        Me and Stacy finally make it to what I'm assuming is our classroom. I make my way towards an empty seat and wait for the teacher. I feel someone tap my shoulder quite painfully. I look up to see the last person I'd ever want to see. "Hello?" It came out more as a question. I'm still wondering who's going to declaw her because those nails are sure to leave a bruise. "Hey best friends. Remember me I'm Samantha, Mason's girlfriend!" She says with a fake smile.  Mason's soon to be deceased girlfriend. Just then Kaila decides to walk until the classroom scowling at Samantha. I'm guessing me and her share the same hatred in Samantha. "Samantha leave Aqua alone and go play with one of your man-toys." Kaila says while maneuvering to the seat next to me.

       "Kaila I always knew you were jealous of me, but I didn't think you would make up such rumors." She says with a fake hurt expression. "Well then, I see when I'm not wanted I'll just go sit in the back and wait for my Mason to come and heal my broken heart." She walks away but not without giving me the evil eye. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." I hear Kaila murmur while looking at the door. I look and spot the one person that makes my hurt stop and then start again. I told myself I was better off without him but it's like time stops when I look at him. He walks into the classroom with Jason on one side of him and a boy that looks mighty familiar.

       Kaila stand up from her chair and goes and hug that awfully familiar boy.  THE SHIP! That's where I remember him from. He was one of the other merman on the ship.  Go Aqua, Go Aqua. whoop whoop. "Hey noodles." I hear Kaila call him.   Noodles? Ramen noodles. (That was dedicated to my Ramen Noodle fans out there). "Hey cupcake." He says in a deep monotone voice. "Man your whipped." I hear that oh so heavenly voice. I look up and see Mason with a brief smile on his face. I stare at his sexy face. Perfect dimples and mouth watering eyes.

       Then suddenly his eyes meet mine. Those perfect green and blue eyes. I look down feeling a blush creep upon my face from being caught staring. Next thing I know The seat next to me is being sat in and my nose is met with the most mouth watering cologne I have smelt all day. "We never really got the chance to talk have we." He looks at me "Nope."I say while staring down at my hands. He gently picks up my hand and plays with my fingers. "Well let's talk now then." He says "Don't you have a girlfriend, that needs your assistance." It hurt me to say it, but we can't be together right now. I can't have the drama that happens in the books that I read. The girl meets the boy, boy meets the girl. They fall in love then go out. Boy's crazy psycho ex-girlfriend chases girl with a blow torch and uses her skin as a blanket to sleep at night. "Yes but I want to be with you." He says with a pained expression. "Well we can't be together." I say simple as that. And with that I get up and walk to the back of the classroom to were Samantha is sitting. "You can go and sit with your boyfriend now." She looks at me like I started foaming at the mouth. She gets up and we switch seats.

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