Am I Alone?

No description, but please just give me a shot.


2. Chapter 2

I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.
~Marilyn Monroe~


       "Maybe she's dead, gosh Kaila what did you do?" Another voice in my head shouts "I didn't do anything mason, she heard you and Rachel canoodling and was about to investigate and have the worst scene in her life, when I stopped her. And then she looked at me and past out!" I'm assuming that was Kaila. "Wait guys I think she's waking up." I hear another voice say.

       I open my eyes trying to get used to the lighting in here. Since when was there lights underwater.I must be dead. "Lord is that you?" I ask while looking at the ceiling. "She's funny." I look over expecting to see an Angel from above but I'm met with the same pair of eyes I saw before I died. I could have sworn I felt my jaw hit the floor. "Y-y-you're a mermaid?" I t came out more as a question. "Yeah, we all are." Once she said the word we I looked around the room and I'm met with a different pair of eyes each time, but one specific pair have me locked in a trance, have me breathless.
       I t's like the world stopped the second our eyes met. He has the most unique pair of eyes I have ever seen, one is ocean blue and the other is bright green, a unique pair just like...

Mason's P.O.V

       ...just liker hers. I stare into the most unique pair of eyes I have ever seen, one is shimmering purple and the other is a sparkling blue. I know she is the one I'm destined to be with. I've spent five whole months with Samantha and now I just don't know. I continue to stare into the most beautiful pair of eyes yet. From my side I hear Samantha clear her throat, whatever could she want now. I look over and see her giving me a death glare then  turning back to this unknown mermaid who's name I should know by now.
"Hi I'm Samantha and this is my boyfriend Mason." She says it with a smirk that I just want to wash off her face.
 I look over at the unknown girl and see a pained expression on her face. All I see are her beautiful eyes filling with  light pink tears before she turns around and swims away faster than any mermaid I know can. And with that she is gone. I look over at Samantha to see her with a proud smirk on her face. I shake my head and swim away,typical jealous girlfriend. Well hey, she has a right to be jealous.

Aquamarine's P.O.V

       I read books on how mermaids have chosen ones, I remember it having something in there about how it feels to have your heart broken  by your chosen one. Once I heard the word boyfriend I don't know what got over me. There I was staring into the most gorgeous pair of eyes, then I heard those two words 'my boyfriend' and I didn't know what to do. Now I'm swimming away crying my eyes out because of how much it hurts I thought that it was going to be my one chance at love. I thought all the stories that I read were going to be true. I thought he was my chosen one. I guess, I thought wrong I surface from the ocean to make sure no ones watching me. I wiggle myself behind a rock and wait for myself to dry.
       "Mom I'm home!" I yell as I walk into the back door. I hear my mother rushing down the stairs singing one of her favorite songs that I still don't know the name of. "It's about time you got here. Are you ready to go?" She ask walking into the kitchen. "Yeah just let me change and then I'll be ready." I run upstairs into my room and change into my second outfit for today. I slowly walk down the stairs careful not to trip in my new Loui Vuittons. 


       "Mom just go!" My mom has been talking about this new store in the mall all day and this is my chance to really buy what I want. "Okay are you sure?" "Yes mom, now go!" I finally got her out of my hair. Now I can hit up Hot Topic. I look down at my phone as I'm walking into Hot Topic as I bump into someone as they are walking out. "I am so sorry." I put my phone away and for the second time today I'm breathless. "Oh you're very welcome." It's the boy from the abandoned ship, the boy who broke me and my heart. I can't talk to him but I can't look away. " I'm sorry I didn't catch your name the other day." I can't help but think of how my chosen one has a girlfriend and she isn't me. 

       I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I take it out to see my mother calling me 
Yes, mom?
Who's that cute boy you're standing with?  I look around to my left to see my mom waving at me from behind  a Auntie Anne's stand.
Mom would you not stalk me, please?
Okay but meet me here in 1 hour so I can hear about everything!!

       I put my phone away and turn back around to see him still standing there. "I'm Aqu-" I get cut off by that same voice that haunts my every move. "Mason, there you are I've been looking everywhere for you" She turn to me and starts smirking "Oh you're that mermaid girl from earlier today." She puts her arm around I'm supposing Mason's waist showing her possessive side. I stare at her arm for the longest. No wonder he wants her instead of me. She's prettier, and thinner. But I guess I thought wrong. "Yeah she is. Hey, I still didn't catch your name." Mason says. "Come one Massy we have things to do and we still need to catch up with the others later on." She say's while dragging him away from me. I finally find the courage to speak when they round the corner

"Aquamarine. That's my name." I say while slowly walking into Hot Topic.

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