Am I Alone?

No description, but please just give me a shot.


1. Chapter 1

  (Aquamarine's P.O.V)---->

       I wake up to the sound of the seagulls swimming over the ocean behind my house. I just love living by the water, it gives me all the freedom I need so that I can let my tail loose. Being land and sea born I have to learn to adapt to both environments and fit them both into my busy schedule. I don' think anyone understands what I go through. But it's all going to change tomorrow because my mother and father are sending me to a new school. 

       I walk downstairs and walk into the kitchen to see my mother cooking Pineapple Pancakes YUM!! "Hey mom i'm going to go out for a swim see you in about three hours." My mom has to be the coolest mom ever. She let's me get away with everything and she doesn't care about what I do, as long as it's not sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything else stupid. "Okay but make sure you come back, we still have to go shopping for your clothes for tomorrow." "Okay three-hours tops." I make my way upstairs to make myself presentable. 
       I change into my Swimsuit
.  I redeem myself presentable and head out the back door. I walk far down were no one can see me,jump into the water feeling myself transform. I look down and see a beautiful, long, blueish-green sparkling tail. I start to swim in circles round and round. I love the sea so much I feel like the animals here are the only ones that understand me. I look over and spot a small family of dolphins, I go over to where they are and notice a abandoned ship. You know that saying 'Curiosity killed the cat', well I don't care for it i'm going in.
       I swim really slow t'wards the abandoned ship, the closer I get the more drawn to it I feel. I swim up to it looking into the dirty windows and start to draw faces in them. Just as I was about to explore more something shiny catches my eye. I try to look closer but the room is to dark, and the dirty window not helping anything. I back away from the window in search for a door. I swim around a corner to find a doorway leading to a dark hallway. I swim through the hallway and through a dark room, my only supply of light is from the sun above the ocean. I look around the room and it seems like a ballroom, like a really BIG ballroom. "Wow this is amazing." I swim around the room fantasizing me dancing with a hansom merman. 
       I can't possibly be the only mermaid out in this beautiful ocean, what happened to my real mother. Why did she leave me with possible strangers. Is the story my mother told me true.


        (14- year old Aqua)
      I always knew that me and my family were very different but, I never knew how I came into their family. "Mom can I ask you something?" I hope she doesn't get mad at me for asking her this question, but it's been bugging me for a very long time."Sure sweetheart ask away."  "How did you and dad find me, and why am I the only mermaid in the ocean?" She looked a little taken back by my question. Please don't get mad. Please don't get mad. "Well I guess I should have expect you to ask me this sooner or later, but I guess you should know the truth. It was one  day me and your father were just hanging on the shore enjoying a beautiful day when I saw something far further in the ocean, it looked just like a girl with a tail. You're father told me it was just the heat making me crazy, but I knew something was out there." I listen to her as she continues her story. "Eventually I forgot about it until one night, your father had just fallen asleep and I went outside for some fresh air. As I was sitting on the ground I heard a splash. I knew that there was no possible way a fish that is in it's right mind would even be this close to shore. So I went to go and check this out and was completely astounded by what was before me." I watched my mother as she bust into a fit of laughter. " I thought I was actually going crazy for a second. I kept looking and looking and looking but it just wouldn't go away." "What did you see mom?" She looks at me and starts laughing again. It soon dials down into her serious face. "I saw your mother. She was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my whole time of living back then. She had blonde hair with ocean blue highlights and she had the same head necklace that's inside of your jewelry box. She had a silver, blue and yellow tail that sparkled in the moonlight reflecting from the ocean(). She set a basket down on the ground and d you know what she said to me?" "What did she say?" I ask completely interested. "She said 'My baby is life, if you keep her alive you will not die...on the inside.' and to this day I still have no idea what that means."
******************************Flashback Over******************************************
       Me and my handsome imaginary merman swim around the dim ballroom gracefully. I softly sing the lullaby that my mother used to sing to me.
"Slumber now my darling one.
Rest for now the day is done.
Mother sings a lullaby,
hush my darling do not cry.
May your sleep be as sweet as the wind on the waves,
blowing gently t'wards far happier days.
May each breath be a promise to help you believe. 
We're off to the land of our dreams,
we're off to the land of our dreams."

Me and my handsome imaginary merman continue to dance all around the place until I spot an slightly open door. I leave my imaginary merman to fend for himself while I go and check it out. I swim over, slowly open the door and walk in. I swim around the room and see old boxes and valuable things. I see movement to my right through my peripheral vision, along with the movement I hear a small giggle. "Mason stop before someone catches us." What the flapjack was that. I inch closer to the closet were I hear the noise from and inch my hand closer to the closet when I'm stopped by a hand. "It's best to leave them alone." I turn my head and that's the last thing I see before I black out.


A/N: Hi my little guppies, I just wanted to inform you all that this is my first book and I'm really open to suggestions or mistakes that I have made.

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