What Amnesia Does (C.H)

A lot of things can happen when it comes to change but I never thought of it like this.


1. Maisie Thirlwall

Maisie's POV.....

I'm Maisie Alisha Jaclyn Thirlwall. I'm 18 years young. Yes I'm Jade Thirlwalls little sister. We look alike but I'm taller and I have pretty deep dimples. And not only she can sing but I can also. I LOVE to sing. I only have an E.P. out but soon as I get my album which is really soon I'll be touring with 5 Seconds of Summer. I love that band soo much because my 3 year boyfriend Calum Hood is in it and also why wouldn't I. I love him so much words cannot explain. I would give up anything for him he's made me so happy and alive.

I love our relationship because we barley get into fights. And even if we did at the end of the day we both apologize to each other and we still love each other dearly.

And I wish and hope that we can actually have an forever.

Hair color: Black dip dye dark blue

eye color: hazel

Natural hair color:brown with highlights


(Singing voice like Ariana grande)

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