What Amnesia Does (C.H)

A lot of things can happen when it comes to change but I never thought of it like this.


2. Annoyed

Maisie's POV.....

I wake up wrapped up in Calum's arms feeling warm and happy. I smiled and look up at him seeing him sleep peacefully and I kiss his chin and I tried going back to sleep but my alarm went off on my phone I groaned loudly and I didn't want to move because I was wrapped up tightly around his arms but I had to because my phone wouldn't shut the hell up! So I reach my arm out and throw my phone to the wall hard and it stopped and I was shocked. I got up quickly and went to my phone and it had a HUGE crack on the front and it was a iPhone 5c a blue one. But now a broken one...

"Shit!" I say waking up Calum.

"Why such language?" He says quietly while turning around and wrapping himself up. "I just broke my phone." I say while putting it back on the stand and walking to the bathroom.

"I'll buy you a new one." He says. And I was hoping he wouldn't say that because now I feel like he sounding like he can buy anything in the world and he's a rich Australian boy that can buy love. But let's not get into anything.

I sighed and brushed my teeth and when I got done I take a quick shower and get out to shirtless Calum brushing his teeth.

"Morning babe." He says as he spits out the saliva in his mouth wiping it with a near towel.

"Morning." I say. And he kisses my cheek making me blush and goes out and I follow him going to the dressers getting out my outfit with him still in the room looking at his phone on the bed.




I went to go to my jewelry box and I put on the promise ring Cal got me on our first year together. I love it a lot. At I was putting it on I feel Calum behind me and he kisses my neck and wraps his arms around and intertwine our fingers and I look into the mirror seeing us both and I smile and he says.

"I'm happy you still wear the ring. Hopefully next time will be a purpose." And I see him smile. I turn around and take his soft cheeks and kiss his lips while saying through it.

"I...hope so too babe," and I pause and I smile and he smiles and he kisses my forehead holding my waist. And I say. "Now I gotta go I'll be back tonight." And he drops his smile and drops his hands from my waist but I'm still holding on to his face. I give him another kiss but he doesn't kiss back.

"What's wrong with you?" I say trying to look him into the eyes but he takes my hands and moves them off and walks away heading to the door while saying. "It's nothing."

He walks downstairs and I roll my eyes. I'm so tired of him acting like this. He already knows that I have to work!

So I walk downstairs and grab my bag and I put on my shoes and say. "Asshole." And I leave nearly slamming the door half pissed that he's acting like this. I walk to my black motorcycle and I grab my helmet that covers all of my head. I put my hair in first then my head and I get on my bike and roll away going a bit fast like always passing many cars.

Now I started to feel a bit bad that I called him an asshole I should've said nothing. Now I probably made it worst. Ugh, fuck me. But he acts like we still don't have a job. I mean he has his job with his boys also but he's on break for a little while then I'll be joining them. And he acts like this isn't a daily thing. I mean he already knows what we both have to do! And now I'm not acting sorry for calling him an asshole. Because that was a shitty move to act pissed off like that.

I arrive at the studio and I get out taking off my helmet shaking my hair and brushing it down. And I go inside taking my helmet with me.

I go into one room and I see my manager Lilian Collin, my voice exerciser Ana Patterson she's 24 years old, basically my whole crew but my dance crew and my makeup/dresser Vivianne Collin. Lily and Viv are twins both 29 both look exactly alike and both act exactly alike.

"You're a bit late Maisie. Did you take your motorcycle." Lilian says.

"Uh.., no." I say trying to my an excuse.

"But you have your helmet." Ana says and I glare at her. Ana is like my big sister she is always ready to get me caught. But I still love her though. "Come on Mase if you want this as your life then you have to be on time. But let's get to work." Lily says turning her chair seeing all the buttons along with Ana.

"Okay so just incase if you lost your music I wrote it down last night and believe me I was tired but just for you lil' sis." Ana says giving me her notes book with all the lyrics for my songs. I go into the booth and put in headphones and the music plays for the first song and down the list.

(1)Break Free (feat:Zedd)

{really by Ariana grande}

(2)Rock 'n Roll

{really by Avril Lavigne}

(3)Last Call

{really by the Saturdays}

(4)One Last Time

{really by Ariana grande}

(5)Love Me Harder (feat: The Weekend)

{really by Ariana grande}

(6)Here's To Never Growing Up

{really by Avril Lavigne}

(7)Dear No One

{really by Tori Kelly}

(8)Paper Hearts

{really by Tori Kelly}

(9)Neon Lights

{really by Demi lovato}

(10)Pretty Hurts

{really by Beyoncé}

(11)Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

{really by Ariana grande}

(12)Love Into The Light

{really by Kesha}

(13)Ready Or Not

{really by Bridgit Mendler}

(14)All About That Bass

{really by Megan trainer}


{really by Kat Graham}

I has a few mistakes and I had to stop lots of time and get my voice together and I had to call a few people. And I still have a bonus tracks which was gonna be on my deluxe album. And my album was gonna be called One Last Time it's been called that and I also already have the cover for it and I tweeted it and put it on Instagram it's also my twitter and Instagram picture.


It was dark and we were making last arrangements to the songs on my album and by now I was sooo tired and ready to go home and just sleep and deal with Calum later.

"Alrighty now you can go home and I'll put it on preorders on iTunes." Lilian says and she gives me a hug saying bye along with the rest and we took a picture together and I posted it on Instagram saying 'Back with the crew! Buy my album One Last Time on preorders Xx!'

I then leave putting my hair up and putting my helmet on so paparazzi wouldn't noticed me and luckily they didn't.

I got on my motorcycle and then I started to drive off. I was going and it was a green light at the end of the road and I had to make it... Had to.... Then bright lights come to the side of me and before I could turn my head I was off my bike and on the ground feeling blood come out my head and hearing the ambulance sirens the pain was so unbearable I couldn't catch my breath. And that was it.

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