What Amnesia Does (C.H)

A lot of things can happen when it comes to change but I never thought of it like this.


3. Amnesia

Calum's POV.....

I was really angry about her always leaving. And I feel like she rather pick singing over me. As I was about to drift off into sleep I was wondering where in the hell she was?! Probably cheating on me.

My phone rings and it's from Luke.

"MAISE IS IN THE HOSPITAL YOU'VE GOT TO GET HERE NOW!! HURRY CALUM!!" And the phone hangs up with my eyes wide.

I run to grab my keys and without putting on my shoes I was carrying them running to the car the head to the hospital.

I finally arrive and i finally had my shoes on but no coat or jacket and it was cold outside tonight. I see a stressed out Ashton, a walker going back and forth Luke, and a Michael who keeps on asking the nurse and worried as hell.

"WHERE IS SHE!" I yelled out with all eyes on me.

"She's in the E.R. They said she isn't doing good. And there's a highly chance of her dead... I'm sorry." Ashton says.

I sit in a chair and start to tug on my hair hiding my face so they won't see me crying. And all this time I thought she was just going to cheat on me and Karmas a bitch because she wasn't. It should be me in that hospital bed not her.

"D-do you think she will l-live?" I ask Ashton. And he nods his head yes.

-3 hours later-

It's 2:50 am and i can't go to sleep and I don't want to leave this spot until I here about Maisie.

"I brought blankets for you all. Think you may need them." The nurse offered and we took them saying thank you.

"Calum rest for awhile. Calm yourself down." Michael says.

And I do.

-2 hours later-

"Cal! Cal!" I hear Michael say and my eyes shot open.

"What's wrong! Is she okay!? What's going on!" I panicked.

"We can see her bu-" and I cut him off.

"What room is she in!" I say as I jump from my seat to find her room. I was so happy!

"Calum wait!" I hear Michael yell for my name.

I finally find her room and she was talking to her doctor. She looked horrible but still beautiful in my eyes!

"Maisie!" I say.

Her and her doctor looks at me and I went straight up to her with full confidence and kissed her lips.

She doesn't kiss back and then she pushes me off of her. What the hell!?

"Who the fuck are you!?? Oh my gosh! My sister loves your band! You are Calum Hood from 5 seconds of summer! It's nice to meet you!!" I was so confused.... Is she acting like she doesn't know me anymore?? It sounded like it.

"Cal...Calum." Michael says, "she lost her memory. And that means all of us and our times with her... I'm sorry.... I was trying to tell you but you were so happy to see her...."

This can't be....

"Am I missing something?? Or am I suppose to remember you?" Maisie says.

"I-im your boyfriend... I'm Calum your boyfriend! You don't remember any of those fights or any of your singing career!?" I say.

"Ummm.... My boyfriend!? Last I remembered I was single and just putting out my E.P. I mean I understand I got into a car accident and it shocked me but I'm just gonna have to live with Amnesia... Sorry." She says. "oh my gosh are you okay?"

She says that because I'm

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