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1. intro

There are two types of people in this world; those who dream for the unreal. And those who are just trying to get by.

Allyson Paisley was one of those "just trying to get by" kind of people. Yes. She had a good life. It wasn't bad at all really. She just had a firm grip on reality.

Allyson was a pretty, preppy, popular kind of girl with her hair always perfect. She knew how to manipulate mostly everybody, especially her male schoolmates. She was on the volleyball team, her teeth were straight and white as could be. She was the president of her class, and had been since freshman year. Everyone knew her name, yet nobody hated her. She had naturally curly, dirty blond hair, unlike anyone else's in her school. She would talk to mostly anyone, but shy'd away from attention. She read and wrote, had great grades. She was unique in a way that was intriguing, but so beautiful that it was intimidating. She was graceful. She was goofy. And had this laugh that could make a whole room laugh right along with her. She stood up for the weak, and frowned upon bullying. She had loads of friends, but none she could call her best. None she could really trust. So, she kept everything to herself. And blossomed into a mysterious, beautiful, vibrant flower. A flower that the world loved, and that no one was allergic to. But also one no one knew anything about. She was her own person. And no one could, or would, change that.

But what is going to happen when she gets tickets to meet the famous boy and One Direction? Will she fall for their hair and accents? Will someone finally crack the code with Allyson?

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