Alternate Divergent

What if Tris was born dauntless? What if she and Uriah have been friends this whole time? What if Four is Zeke's funny but mysterious roommate? Find out what happens when not one, but three boys are hopelessly in love with Tris and she doesn't know it.


1. September 24, 6410

ALTERNATE DIVERGENT Divergent High Every year when the select teenagers turn 16, they get to choose which faction they want to live in. Erudite is the knowledge faction. Amity is the farming and peacefulness faction. Candor is order and truthfulness. Abnegation is selfless faction. Dauntless is the bravery and warrior faction, that's my faction. I'm 16 and tomorrow is the choosing ceremony. We had our aptitude tests today, I got something called Divergent? The test only ruled out two factions, not four factions like it's supposed to. As soon as we pick our factions, we go into initiation which is where they watch us in school to see how we think and act. If we don't fit the faction we picked, then we are thrown out. Those people are called factionless. Initiation is new this year, I heard that the worst initiation will be for the dauntless. Well, I better go to bed, but I'll tell u how tomorrow goes later. September 25, 6410 Today was amazing. Okay, so first, we had the choosing ceremony, I'll just start there. I hear all the names being called. Then I hear my big brother Caleb's name being called. I've always been a little jealous of him. He does so amazing in school, I almost wonder if he will choose Erudite. Awe who am I kidding, he would never leave Dauntless. I don't know where I belong, but I do know what I will choose. "Tris Prior," I walk up to the stage. I cut my hand and hang it over.... the dauntless coals. I want to continue on my path with dauntless. I hear the dauntless cheering so loudly my ears are ringing. I hear my father and mother cheering the loudest. But then I see tears running down my mother's face and I remember that Caleb did choose Erudite. I think everyone was shocked. Honestly, I wasn't shocked, I was surprised but I knew if he was gonna choose another faction, it would be erudite. I walk toward my best friend, Uriah, he chose dauntless too. Two of our closest friends, Marlene and Lynn chose Amity, I already miss them. Lynn doesn't seem Amity at all, so I think she joined so she could be with Marlene. They're practically sisters, they're so close. "Uriah, we'll never see them," I say glumly. "Maybe we can visit on visiting day?" he suggests and then asks me, "Hey, are you gonna move into the dorms or stay with your mom and dad?" "Probably stay with my mom and dad, I heard initiation is pretty rough this year. I don't want to have to get used to new roommates and stuff until after initiation. How about you?" I say. "Probably same, unless I can room with Zeke in his dorm," he says. "Hey, do you wanna come with me to ask if he has any room?" "Sure, I could use something to get my mind off of Marlene, Lynn, and Caleb," I tell him. When we get to Zeke's room, Uriah knocks obnoxiously. The door is then yanked open by someone who is most definitely not Zeke. "Who are you?" Uriah asks. "Four, this is my apartment," he says frustrated. "Oh, my mistake, I thought my brother Zeke lived here," Uriah says, embarrassed. "He does, we're roommates," says Four. "Oh, well can I talk to him?" Uriah asks. "Sure one sec," Four then calls up the stairs, "Zeke! Your brother and some girl are here to see you!" Then we hear someone shuffling upstairs. Then Zeke appears, "Oh Tris, hello. I was wondering who the "some girl" was." "Yeah, Uriah has to talk to you about something and I decided to tag along," I tell him. "Ahh, I see," He says and then turns to Uriah, "What's up little bro?" "Can we go talk in private?" he asks and they leave. Four then turns toward me, "So... You're Tris?" "Yup, and you're Four?" I ask, knowing the answer. "As far as I know," he says, slightly grinning. I laugh, "Good that you have a sense of humour, when I first so you I wondered how someone so serious could room with Zeke, king of pranks and stupid jokes." Now it's his turn to laugh, "Yeah, you don't know how many times I've woken up to something sticky or slimy or eaten something I never want to taste again. He finds it very entertaining." Then Uriah and Zeke emerge from the guest room. Zeke slaps Uriah on the back and adresses Four, "We got ourselves another roommate. My bro is like me except uglier and less funny," He quips. Then Four turns to me and whispers, "Oh no, not another one." I laugh and then decided that I should probably leave so they can sort out their roommate issues.
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