Some say that school makes up the best years of your life.
Some would disagree


1. Student

Another  glossy card page is turned  over.

 One generic image resumes the last.

On the calendar, hardly noteworthy .

 Like the creased pleats of a pillow case,

promptly turned over and discarded.

At first liberating, it grows to sicken.

Adeline ,hope fuelled  excitement fades,

drudgery and melancholy take root.

like the cheap wine that stains her rug,

they become the  feared norm, hardly twenty,

she has lost all sense in those coloured scrawls.

The single sharp pin of punctuality.

dates, appointments and times,

downtown neon signs.

Prods, throbs harshly  in the back of her mind.

picks at the skin, worms, settles,  draws blood.

anxieties, scratched on her eyelids.

They keep her wake at night. They whisper.

Exams, percentages, grade boundaries,

they bare news of horrid tidings. Foreshadows.

Teachers tongue is heavy again, dread.

Fear, despair they have swallowed  her whole. Lost,

in the belly of fates cruel joke.

She has delved too deep into his waters,

this school has become an institute.

She is trapped in these smothering white walls.


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