I didn't know what to do. What would he say when I told him?


1. The Truth.

It was a cold Thursday morning. The snow just poured down outside of my window. The winter had finally come. 

I felt sick. I had to throw up. So I ran to the toilet and made it just in time. 

"This is weird", I thought. 

"I haven't eaten anything bad. I think."

I went out to the kitchen where my family sat and ate breakfast. I felt the urge to puke again. But this time I didn't make it to the toilet. So I puked ALL over my dads white walls. My dad came running and screaming: 

"What are you doing?! You can't just puke on my walls! You stupid son of a... You're lucky that we're going to repaint these walls tonight!"

Then he left me. He's always like that. He doesn't care about me. He just cares about himself, his girlfriend and my little sister.

My sister came and helped me clean up. When we were done cleaning I went to say to my dad that I didn't want to go to school today. But he wouldn't let me stay at home. I guess he didn't want to see me. He NEVER wants to see me. He thinks I'm a mistake. So, I got dressed, put on some makeup, brushed my teeth and then went off to school. I didn't feel like going to my first lesson, math, so I went to my boyfriends class instead. I didn't disturb it, just sat outside minding my own business, waiting for him to end his class. Finally he came out of the classroom. He didn't notice me at first, so I called his name, and he just came and hugged me and told me that he loved me. I hade told him over the phone about my dad. So he knew I was sad. I stayed with him for the rest of the day. Not going to any of my classes, just sat outside his and waited, and then followed him home. I really needed to be around him. I ended up staying at his house for about a week. And evey morning I felt sick and puked. And I hadn't gotten my period yet. I was starting to worry. 

"What if I'm pregnant?" 

"Am I going to keep the baby?"

"What will Dimitrios do when I tell him?" 

"HOW am I going to tell him?" 

Those were the questions that came up in my head. 

So, I went to the store, bought 3 different pregnancy tests, from 3 different brands, and went home to Dimitrios. I went to the toilet and peed n the three difeerent sticks and waited. When I finally looked at the first one, I was hoping that it would be 1 line cuz then you aren't pregnant, but it was 2. I was devestated. But I had two more to go. I looked at the second one. 2 lines there aswell. I looked at the third one. It also showed 2 lines. I started crying. Then I heard the door slam and Dimitrios calling: 

"Miku, I'm home!"

I didn't answer him. I was too busy panicking and not knowing where to but the pregnancy tests. I ended up throwing them in the trashcan next to the toilet seat. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Then I went out from the toilet. 

"Hey baby." He said and kissed me.

"Hi hunny." Ianswered after the kiss. 

I didn't know if I should tell him or not. But I ended up telling him. 

"Babe, I've got something to tell you." I started.

"What is it hun?" He answered sounding a bit worried. 

"I don't know how you will react to this but... I'm pregnant." 

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