She has decided that it is time to say goodbye.


12. Note

Dear Dylan,
        I'm sorry. I know that you are the one who found me and I am sorry it had to be that way. I still loved you. Maybe I still do even in death. Please don't follow in my footsteps.

Dear Mother,
        I am not sorry, but I am. It is not your fault. You played a part, but it is not your fault. You placed the world on my shoulders and thought I could bear it. You were wrong.

Dear Father,
        I am sorry. While you could have payed more attention to me, you played no part in the dark that consumed me. Do not blame yourself. Take care of Becca, and wait until she is older to tell her what really happened.

Dear Depression,
         You consumed my mind and heart and soul bite by bitty bite. No more. You have achieved your goal of driving me to the end. Congratulations! Leave my little sister alone.


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