Hybrid Stone Protection

When the stone of the Hybrids disappears, it is up to 9 young Hybrids to find the stone before the humans find the Hybrid kingdom. Join Hybrid prince Luke and some of the village kids on the journey to find the stone before time runs out. Join them and see if a special type of love forms between any of these heroes.


2. The Stone

Luke's POV

   I was sitting in my room when I heard a commotion coming from the hall outside my door. Before I could do anything the door burst open by my guard Damion. Damion is a Tiger Hybrid. I look at him in confusion.

   "Oh, thank goodness your safe, Prince Luke. I thought they got you" He said quickly before grabbing my arm and dragging me out of my room

   "Um... Damion, if you don't mind me asking, What are you talking about" I asked impatiently. Damion looked at me before pulling me into a private room.

   "You know the stone that keeps our kingdom hidden?" He asked. when I nodded my head, he said the one sentence that I thought I would never hear. "It's been stolen."

   "How could it have been stolen? It was under high protection and no human knows where we are" I told him. He looked at me and nodded.

   "This was an inside job. The stone wasn't stolen by a human, it was stolen by another Hybrid. The room that the stone was in didn't show any signs of being broken into" Damion said, his tail flicking behind him in confusion.

   "But the only ones that know the combination to the room are you, my family, and John" I said. Me and Damion looked at each other in realization.

   "We got to tell mom and dad" I said. Damion looked at me in sadness.

   "Your parents were kidnapped by humans. That's Why I ran into your room all freaked out. I thought the humans had got you as well" Damion said. My eyes widened in shock. The humans got my parents. Wait, what about my twin sisters, Rose and Daisy. I sure hope the Humans didn't get them. They are only 5 years old.

   "What about Rose and Daisy" I asked looking him in the eyes. He looked at me and shook his head. "The humans got them as well." I felt my face pale at his words and took off running towards John's room, Damion following close behind me. When I got to his room, I saw clothes thrown everywhere and John was nowhere to be seen. Damn, he's already gone.

   "Damion, go into town and gather 8 people. I am going to go with them and we are going to get the stone and my family back" I told him.

   "But your majesty, it is too dangerous for you to go out of the kingdom" Damion said. I looked him in the eyes and saw worry flooded across his face.

   "Damion, I know how dangerous the outside world can be but I need to go and find the stone and my family. Plus, I won't be alone if you go and get eight of the villagers" He looked me in the eyes and nodded his head reluctantly. As soon as he was gone, I ran back to my room and started packing two big bags of food. I packed a third bag with five blankets, a compass, my phone and charger, my laptop and charger, 9 toothbrushes, 3 tubes of toothpaste, a lighter, a hairbrush, and a huge First Aid Kit. After I was finished packing, I walked over to my dresser and pulled out my small box that has all my necklaces in it. I put on my favorite one and then put the box in a hidden compartment in the bottom of the third bag. About ten minutes after I finished packing, Damion came running into my room smiling.

   "What are you smiling about" I asked with a raised eyebrow. His smile grew bigger as he grabbed my arm and pulled me down the hall and into the dining room. There I saw eight young Hybrids eating and talking to one of the maids, Sarah. The thing that caught my eye was one of the Hybrids had golden Dragon wings and a Dragon tail. Damn, I didn't think that Dragon Hybrids existed.

   "Is that a Dragon Hybrid" I asked to make sure I was seeing this right. Damion nodded and motioned for me to walk forward and tell them what happened and why they are here. I walked forward and as soon as I did, everyone turned there attention to me.

   "Hi everybody, I'm Prince Luke and I called you all here because something bad happened. But, before I tell you what it is, will everyone please tell me what your names are?" I explained. Everyone nodded and started to introduce themselves.

   "I'm Liam, nice to meet you."

   "I'm Niall and it is an honor to meet you."

   "It is a pleasure to meet you, I'm Michael."

   "I'm Louis and I am so glad to meet you, your majesty."

   "I'm Harry and I am honored to meet you."

   "I'm Zayn and I will help you in any way I can."

   "I'm so happy to finally meet you, My name is Ashton."

   "This is so exciting, my name is Calum, by the way."

   I smiled and nodded at all of them.

   "Ok, the reason that I called all of you here is because I need your help. The stone that keeps The Kingdom hidden has been stolen by one of the guards but that's not the only problem. Because the Stone was stolen, humans can see our Kingdom, and come in anytime they want. Last night, the humans came and Kidnapped my parents and my sisters. I am going to need your help to get both the stone and my family back. Are you guys with me?" I explained, looking at all of them. They all looked at each other before turning there attention back to me with smiles on their faces.

   "We're in" They all said at the same time. I nodded and grabbed all three of the bags that I had packed. I put one of the bags on my back and started to carry the other two. Michael and Niall walked up beside me and they both grabbed the bags from my hands and put them on. After that, we all walked out of the castle and started our long journey to save my family and get the stone back from John.

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