Hybrid Stone Protection

When the stone of the Hybrids disappears, it is up to 9 young Hybrids to find the stone before the humans find the Hybrid kingdom. Join Hybrid prince Luke and some of the village kids on the journey to find the stone before time runs out. Join them and see if a special type of love forms between any of these heroes.


3. The First Night Away

Michael's POV

   Wow, I didn't know the Prince would be this hot. After we all left the safety of the Hybrid Kingdom, we all instantly had to hide. A group of humans were walking to the castle. We all turned into our Animal selves and hid. Zayn and Louis hid in a tree together Liam turned into a small dragon and hid in a different tree, and the rest of us hid in different bushes. When I looked out of my hiding place, I saw that the Humans had a hunting dog with them. Before I could warn the others, the dog started barking at the bush that Niall and Luke were in.

   "Jack, look here. We found a Fox Hybrid and a Cat Hybrid" one of the Humans said, picking Luke up by the scruff of his neck.

   "What makes you think that these are hybrids and not regular animals, Mark" the one called Jack said.

   "Well, the cat has a necklace on, they both are really close to the Hybrid Kingdom, and you usually don't find Cats and Foxes hiding in a bush together" Mark said. I looked over at Harry and see a worried look in his eyes. I turned my attention back to the humans.

   "Ok, we know you are a hybrid. Turn human NOW" I looked at Niall and Luke. They both had fear in their eyes as they turned back into their Hybrid form. Jack and Mark smirked when Luke and Niall were back to normal.

   "Look at the Cat boy. He looks a lot like the man we took last night. He must be the son we were going to get" Jack said. Before we could do anything, Luke bit Mark's arm extremely hard; which caused him to let go of Niall.

   "You two are the Fucked up bastards that kidnapped my parents and my sisters" Luke said angrily. Jack and Mark started to walk backwards with Fear on their faces. I never knew the Prince could get so violent. the rest of us turned back to normal and came out of hiding.

   "Luke, don't kill them. We know you miss your family, but we don't know where they are. We can bring these two with us and get the answer that way" I said to him, while Louis and Zayn grabbed a hold of Jack and Mark. I grabbed Luke and held him back so he couldn't kill the Humans. As soon as I touched Luke, he calmed down and looked at me.

   "Ok, I saved your life from an angry Cat. You can make it up to me by telling me where his family is" I said after Harry had taken Luke away from the humans.

   "We aren't going to tell you anything. You Hybrids Aren't allowed to be free. All Hybrids are just freaks of nature that deserve to be put into slavery" Jack said, causing Liam's eyes to fill with tears.

   "Listen, bastard. That is not true. We aren't the vicious creatures you think we are. We don't go around killing random people like you say we do. We are caring and kind. Just because we are part animal, doesn't mean we don't have feelings. Liam is very sensitive to what people say or think about him. You mother fucking assholes just made him cry. You should never get on my bad side. If I hear you say anything else about our kind, I will not hesitate to rip you to shreds. Do you idiots understand the words that are coming out of my fucking mouth" I said, shouting the last part. They nodded their heads with a scared look in their eyes. "Now, tell us where we can find his family."

   "We took them to place on the other side of the world. They were put into different houses and are being used as slaves. They said that they need the Prince because he has something called the power of the wild. He can basically control anything that is nature" They explained. Mark looked at Liam and smiled evilly. Before any of us could do anything, he freed himself from Zayn and grabbed Liam. He pulled out a knife and put it to Liam's neck.

   "I'm pretty sure that everyone would pay a lot of money to see a Dragon Hybrid. So, if you don't mind, I think I will take him with me" Mark said. Before we could stop him, Mark took off running with Liam. As we were watching, I noticed Liam turn into a Dragon and shoot fire at the ground in front of them. Mark stopped running and turned around. He grabbed his knife and cut Liam's front leg. After he did that, he dropped Liam and took off running. We all ran over to Liam, who was back to normal.

   "Liam. Liam, are you alright" I asked. That was when I noticed the huge, bloody gash on Liam's left arm. I saw Luke take off his bag and take out a First Aid Kit. He quickly pulled out a bandage and rapped it around Liam's heavily bleeding arm. After that, he grabbed a sling from the kit and put Liam's arm in it.

   "Come on Liam, I need you to wake up for me" Ashton said. Liam started to stir and his eyes started to slowly open. Liam looked up at all of us and gave a weak smile.

   "Liam, are you alright" I asked. Liam turned his attention to me and slowly nodded. Louis and I helped Liam stand up and we all started back on the walk to find the Stone and Luke's family.

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