Hybrid Stone Protection

When the stone of the Hybrids disappears, it is up to 9 young Hybrids to find the stone before the humans find the Hybrid kingdom. Join Hybrid prince Luke and some of the village kids on the journey to find the stone before time runs out. Join them and see if a special type of love forms between any of these heroes.


6. Freedom for all

Ashton's POV

   We followed the golden light that was coming from Luke's necklace. I really hope that Liam is alright. We all followed the light to a weird looking building. We could hear all kind of noise coming from the inside. We quietly made our way inside just in time to hear Liam's voice.

   "What if they get the others?" He asked someone.

   "We're fine, don't worry Liam" Luke said, causing Liam to turn his attention to us. We were all smiling at him.

   "How did you guys find me?" Liam asked, pulling at the chain that was around his ankle. We all ran over to him and gave him a hug.

   "Are these your friends?" A vampire boy asked Liam. Liam nodded and Luke took a skeleton key out of his pocket. He unlocked Liam and looked at all of the other creatures. Without hesitating, he quickly started to unlock all of the cages, freeing all of the other creatures. I noticed a frown appear on Luke's face and I soon realized why. He didn't see his parents or his sisters anywhere which meant that they weren't in the mystical museum.

   "We will find them Luke" I said, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. He turned his attention to me and gave a small smile.

   We quickly walked out of the weird museum, only to be stopped by twelve cop cars. Luke flattened his ears on his head and hissed, getting the attention of all of the police officers.

   "It's a group of hybrids" One of the officers said, pointing his gun at Luke.

   Luke smirked and knelt down, his form changing into an orange tabby cat. His bright blue eyes were glaring at the officers. I followed his lead and turned into my black, grey, and white wolf form. Soon, all of us were in our animal forms.

   Luke an orange tabby cat; Michael a white snow wolf; Calum a cream colored fennec fox; Zayn a white fuzzy monkey; Louis a black and grey monkey; Niall a white Artic fox; Harry a grey tabby cat; Liam a golden dragon; and me a black, grey, and white sledding wolf.

   I could see a lot of people coming out of their houses to see what was going on. When they saw all of us they instantly went back inside. It was probably because there was a 20 foot tall golden dragon standing in the middle of the street.

   The police pointed their guns at us and I saw a smirk appear on Luke's kitty face.

   "What are you planning Prince Luke?" I asked him through our mind link.

   "I have a plan but first, I want you and the others to get on Liam's back and have him fly off " He replied. I knew that meant that he was going to stay down here and possibly get put in imprisonment.

   "Then you have to come with us. If you stay down here then you will most likely get caught. You are our leader Luke. If you get caught then we will never be able to find the stone or your family"  I stated.

   "I know what I'm doing. I will cause a distraction while you guys get on Liam. After all of you are on him, tell him to fly down and pick me up with his claws" Luke said, explaining his plan. I just nodded my head and relayed the plan to the others.

   Luke ran at one of the officers and jumped over him, getting the attention of all of the officers. While all of them were distracted we all climbed on Liam's back. I told him to go grab Luke and he quickly flew to the fighting orange cat. He quickly grabbed Luke and flew higher into the air. He kept on dodging the bullets until we were out of gun range.

   As we were flying we started passing some angels, Demons, and Vampires. All of them were smiling at their newly found freedom.

   And for the first time since we started this quest, I felt happy.

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