Hybrid Stone Protection

When the stone of the Hybrids disappears, it is up to 9 young Hybrids to find the stone before the humans find the Hybrid kingdom. Join Hybrid prince Luke and some of the village kids on the journey to find the stone before time runs out. Join them and see if a special type of love forms between any of these heroes.


5. Display and Torture

Liam's POV

   I looked around fearfully at all the people that were staring at me. They were making me feel a bit self-conscious. I am currently chained up in some type of Mystical Zoo. It was filled with Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Fairies, Elves, Goblins, Unicorns, Pegasi, and other Hybrids. I was a bit scared considering the fact that the people that worked here carried around a whip and kept on giving every creature a death glare, mainly me.

   "Mummy, I want to see it fly" A little girl said, pointing at me. The girl's mother walked over to one of the guards and told him. The guard came over to me and swung the whip at me.

   "Give them what they want and fly" He shouted, swinging the whip again; hitting me. I yelped in pain and quickly flapped my wings, lifting myself into the air. I flew as high as the chain on my ankle would let me and then came back down. The little girl cheered once I landed and smiled at me. I gave a small smile back and waved as her and her mother walked off. The guard hit me with whip again,, causing me to yelp out in pain.

   "The next time someone wants you to do something, do it" He said, grabbing and pulling my wing. I let out a small scream in pain and quickly nodded my head. He smirked and unchained me. He started dragging me away and I noticed the other creatures staring at me with worry and sympathy. I was dragged into a room and instantly thrown at the wall. I yelped in pain and tried to stand up, receiving a kick to the stomach. I groaned and fell back to the ground.

   "You are pathetic" The man said, pulling out a lighter. He flicked the fire out and pressed it to my arm. I screamed out in pain as the fire burned my skin. He left in that spot for a minute and then moved it to a different part of my body. I looked at the, now bleeding, burn mark on my arm. I let out another scream as the flame was placed to the back of my neck. I screamed out in pain.

   "P-P-Please s-stop" I begged as he burnt me over and over. After he left about five more burns, he put the lighter up and took out a pocket knife. He grabbed my wing and put the knife to it.

   "You know, if people didn't like seeing you fly then I wouldn't hesitate to stab your wing" He said. He slid the knife across my wing, drawing some blood. I winced in pain, causing him to smirk. He moved the knife and put it against me cheek. He slowly slid the knife across my cheek, leaving behind a blood trail. After that, he grabbed his whip and swung it at me, making me scream. After about 40 more hits, he puts down the whip and drags me out of the room and back to my prison. Once he left, I looked at the others and saw them all staring at me with a look of sympathy on their faces.

   "Are you okay, new guy?" One of the Angels asked. I looked at her and nodded.

   "What's your name?" Asked one of the Vampires. No creature in or out of the zoo would hurt anyone. Vampires would only drink blood once in a while. They usually ate normal food like everyone else. The same goes for the other creatures.

   "L-Liam" I stuttered, looking at him. He gave me a small smile and pointed to himself.

   "My name is Jason. It is very nice to meet you" He said smiling, showing off his fangs. I smiled at him and then frowned, thinking of the others.

   "What's the matter?" Jason asked, concern dripping in his words.

   "Nothing, I just really miss my friends that I was traveling with" I said, looking down.

   "Tell us about it" A female elf said. I let out a small sigh and nodded my head.

   "I'm from the Hybrid Kingdom. I was chosen to accompany the Hybrid prince on a search for his family and the stone that protects the kingdom" I started. I looked up and saw that everyone was staring at me. They nodded for me to continue.

   "One of the guards walked into my school and up to me. He asked me to come with him so I did. He gathered up seven more hybrids. After that, he took us to the castle and we waited in the dining room. Prince Luke came in ten minutes later and we introduced ourselves. After that, we headed off" I continued, looking at them. They nodded for me to finish the story.

   "As soon as we left, we had to hide. Even though we all just met, we all became best friends instantly. I am really worried. What if they get the others?" I asked, finishing my story.

   "We're fine, don't worry Liam" I heard a familiar voice. I looked in the direction that it came from. I saw all of them standing there, smiling at me.

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