Hybrid Stone Protection

When the stone of the Hybrids disappears, it is up to 9 young Hybrids to find the stone before the humans find the Hybrid kingdom. Join Hybrid prince Luke and some of the village kids on the journey to find the stone before time runs out. Join them and see if a special type of love forms between any of these heroes.


4. Captured

Liam's POV

   I can't believe I used fire in front of everyone. They probably think I'm a freak now, especially Ashton. I don't know what I would do if Ashton hated me.

   "Liam, that was so cool" I heard Ashton say. I look at him in confusion.

   "What was cool" I asked looking into his eyes. We all decided to stop for the night. I was currently sitting down and talking with Ashton.

   "The way you blew fire. I didn't think the legend was true" Ashton said, giving me a hug. He thought my fire blowing was cool. Wait, did he say legend.

   "What do you mean legend?" I asked in confusion. Ashton looked at me before giving me a big smile. I was even more confused now then I was before.

   "The legend states that long ago there was a powerful Dragon Hybrid named Rafaa that used to go around and burn down towns and villages. Well one day the people decided that they had enough. They had a war with him and he lost. As Rafaa was taking his final breath he said 'I send my power into the sky for it to pick a new body to live in. Someone that will surely use my power better than I have.' It looks like you hold the power of Rafaa" Ashton explained, as we both stood up and walked over to the rest of our group.

   "Hey guys, what time are we leaving tomorrow?" Ashton asked the others. They all turned their attention to him. Luke looked at his watch and then back at Ashton.

   "We are going to wake up at 7:30 and leave at 8:00" Luke informed.

   "So we have thirty minutes to eat and get ready in the morning?" Michael asked. Luke nodded and starts the fire for dinner. After dinner, Luke pulled out 5 blankets and told us to pair up with someone. The pairings were; me and Ashton, Luke and Michael, Zayn and Niall, Louis and Harry, and Calum got one alone. I soon fell asleep cuddled up to Ashton. About two hours later I was awoken by the sound of feet running toward us. I got out of the blanket and looked around.

   "Looks like the Dragon's awake" Someone said from behind me. I quickly turned around and saw a bunch of humans surrounding me.

   "W-What is it you w-want from m-m-me" I stuttered, taking a step back.

   "That's easy. No one has ever seen a Dragon Hybrid before. I'm sure people will pay a lot of money to see the rarest Hybrid alive" Mark said, coming out of the crowd of people. I quickly turned around and took off running.

   "Don't just stand there, GRAB HIM YOU IDIOTS."

   I didn't get far before a body collides with mine, knocking me to the ground. Soon I am being roughly pulled to my feet and back over to Mark.

   "HELP" I shouted, earning a slap to the face. The last thing I saw before I was pulled away was Ashton and Niall jumping out of the blankets.

Niall's POV

   "Prince Luke, wake up. The Humans took Liam" I shouted, running over to Luke's blanket. Luke jumped from under the blanket and looked at me.

   "We have to save him" He said. After he went around and woke everyone up, Luke reached into a secret part of his bag and pulled out a golden box. He opened the box and pulled out some type of crystal necklace. As soon as he put it on, the crystal started glowing.

   "Find me the Dragon named Liam" I heard Luke say while staring straight ahead. The crystal lifted up and started showing a golden path. Damn, that is one cool crystal.

   "Prince Luke, if you  don't mind me asking, if you have a crystal that can show you the way, why is it that you have not used it to find the stone?" Michael asked.

   "This crystal cannot divulge to us the whereabouts of anything that is non-living. It only follows the heat signature that is left by a Hybrid" Luke explained as we started to follow the path the crystal was showing. I really hope that we find Liam soon.

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