Remeber Me As I Am

As a solider you risk your life for your country. Midnight knows this well after joining the U.S Marines becoming a great solider but she just wants to be remebered as Midnight not a war hero


1. Day 1

" Welcome to your new home for the next 2 years boys and girls as you can see we have put you with roomates any un-wanted behaver you are out of the army" Captain Raven said Midnight rolled her blue eyes and sighed. Just yesterday she was saying goodbye to America and hello war Midnight kicked a rock on the way back catching someones attenion as she walked he followed and cleared his throat

" Oh Hi um Im Leo " The man said and Midnight cracked a smile

" Midnight.. Nice to meet you Leo" Leo smiled and stood a bit closer as they walked towards Midnights cabin

" Are you a sniper?" Leo randomly asked

" Yeah are you?" Midnight replied walking Leo nodded, his black hair bouncing around and over his green eyes causing Midnight to laugh

" Yep so is My best friend-" Leo was cut off by a voice calling for him Midnight saw someone with black hair and blue eyes run over

" Dude!! you shouldnt wonder around!!" Midnight laughed

" He wasnt he was showing me the way " The male looked at her with wide eyes

" Sorry Im Zak. Leo's Best Friend" Zak held out his hand and Midnight shoke it

" Midnight" She repliled causing Zak to smile

Walking towards the cabin Leo bolted up the stairs and yelled

" BRYAN,EVAN,ADAM!!!!! GET OUT HERE!!!" 3 male voices told Leo to fuck off but when Midnight said

" I BLOODY WANT TO MEET MY TEAM MATES!!!!" 3 thumps where heard and 3 shirtless men appeared in the door way a black haired man with brown eyes walked over

" Im Evan nice to meet you" Evan had a Candaian accent to his voice

" And Im Bryan" A man with brown hair and green eyes said

" Im Adam" A brown haired man with Hazel eyes said

" Im Midnight" She said everyone walked inside and showed Midnight her bunk the cabin had 3 bunks and a kicten and a bathroom her bags where there all ready and Midnight grabbed a black shirt and navy camo pants and ran inside the bathroom to get changed Zak,Leo,Bryan,Evan and Adam watched as Midnight walked out and sat on her bed

" Whats wrong Midnight?" Bryan asked sitting next to her Midnight sighed

" I dont know..... I guess Im scared about being ingored because Im a women" Leo walked over and said

" Well then if thats the case we will beat the shit out of them" Midnight laughed Evan poked his head down

" Captain Raven is coming go to sleep!!!!" Midnight closed her eyes as the door creaked open and Captain Raven walked in his Blue eyes scaning the bunks nodding Captain raven walked out and everyone sat up and laughed softly before everyone yawned

" Night guys" Midnight said

" Night Midnight" The guys said and they fell asleep Midnight entering a dream where she is talking to her older brother and hugging her family.

(A/N: Hello there this is my war story and I want to say thankyou if you are reading this. I will try to update every Saturday or any other time that I feel like. So remeber Like,Comment, give me so feedback about what I can change, Favourite or Fan!!! ElementleKeeper signing off!!!)

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