bhs sixth form creative writing club

this is a collection of story's that was produced as a collaboration of the bhs sixth form creative writing group. we are a bit odd and they may not make much sense but that's just us.


2. wed 12th 2014


he was mad at her, he usually was. she didn't understand why he always had to wear that stupid floral shirt with a spotted pink bow tie. it was absolutely bright and ghastly the opposite of what he thought was cool and against his style but he loved it, it was his favourite outfit he owned and wore it when ever no one could see. she sighed, as long as he liked it she would force herself not to judge him. After all, he was actually dreadfully boring. she looked at his pants at glee, ah well it could be worse, much worse. well at least she had tried her best to make him masculine, though it didn't appear to change his mind on guys, he still liked girls more, much more, yeah definitely much more. I will stop that there. I don't want to think of that.  

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